What Makes Fitted Sheets Worth To Invest In?

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A bed is the most useful accessory in one’s life because it is the place where we spend one-third of our lives in. It is, therefore, necessary to keep it as clean and tidy as possible. Bed linens play an important role in this regard, there come many types of bedding elements and each plays a distinctive role in bringing comfort to the bed. We suggest you use fitted sheets to make your bed look neat and crease-free. They are the best source to bring elegance and comfort to the bed with minimal accessories and a limited budget. Such sheets are available in many colors, designs, and sizes. They are directly placed on the mattress or the mattress top.

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What are fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets are also called the bottom sheets, they are quite different from the flat sheets both in terms of appearance and function. It is a flat fabric piece with sewn elastic in the corners or all around which when tucked under the mattress anchors to the place and does not come off. Each corner of the sheet has a specific position that ensures the right fit. They are less likely to come off when the bed is being used, preventing creases. They have a cap design. They are classified into three categories based on their pocket length such as regular, deep, and extra deep sheets.

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The pocket length varies with the thickness of the mattress and if you are using a pad above it you are supposed to measure the thickness of both together in order to find the pocket length. For normal or regular sheets it varies from 10 to 14 inches, for deep 14 to 18 inches, and for extra deep 18 to 24 inches. Note that the thickness may vary from those stated above, so get precise measurements before you make the purchase. Normally beddings sets (3pc to 5pc) do not have them and they are bought as a solo accessory. . Also, they offer easy storage, cleaning, and maintenance.

Why do you need them?

If you truly love sleeping and want the best and sumptuous bedding these sheets are a must-have. It is worth investing in and you’ll realize a significant difference once you have them. Here’s what makes it worth investing in fitted sheets.

Protect the mattress

A good pair of such sheets will protect your mattress from normal wear and tear and keep it fresh and tidy. They’ll cover the mattress from all sides and hug it tightly which will make the direct contact with it unlikely and all the body fluids, liquids, sweat, oils, and makeup will be absorbed by the sheets. Which will help to protect the mattress from wicking and damage? They also help you prevent many other factors that can lead to mattress damage.

Comfortable sleep


Comfortable sleep

Unlike flat sheets that roll under one while sleeping and interrupt it, fitted sheets anchor to their place and do not come off itself. They create neat and tidy beds and solve the sleeping problem. This wrinkle-free and perfect bedding is all because of the right and appropriate size, right-sized sheets will be able to create a snuggly fit creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Moreover, they are the perfect go to choice when it comes to the guest’s room. They fit over the mattress and make it look more inviting. They give the guests a homely feeling and uninterrupted sleep.

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Easy to care for

They are easy to care for and need no extra maintenance. You can easily pluck any of the corners and pull the rest of the sheet towards you for the removal of the sheet. As they have no zippers or ties which will consume your time and make laundry more tough. They can be washed domestically in the regular washing machine. So, you do not need to go to a professional dry cleaner and waste your precious time as well as money. The key is to read the washing and care instruction label to wash them without damage.

Save time on making the bed

Many people do not like to make the bed every morning because they think of it a tiring task. Many also avoid making bed because they are too busy to make it. But a neat and organized bed makes your bedroom welcoming and appealing. Fitted sheets stay in place and need no adjustment in the morning. So you are just required to fold and set the topper and your pillows. Fitted sheets help to make an easy and hassle free bedding saving you a lot of time as well.

Easy to put on

You are required to fold each corner at certain angles and waste your time when having a fitted sheet. They are quite easy and hassle free to put on. As they’ve elastic all around which will keep the sheet in place and not let it lose? There comes a label in one of the corners of the sheet, locate it and place it in the bottom right corner and spread the leftover sheet to other corners of the mattress. Grab each corner under the mattress and tuck it there’s no need to rotate the sheets to find the right position and try to figure out the direction of patterns too.

Available in all standard sizes

Size is the key factor for the right and snuggly fit. A wrong sized sheet will be very uncomfortable and will not provide any of the benefits stated above. Therefore it is important to know and understand various sizes. As these sheets come in all standard sizes you are likely to find the desired size quite easily. When it comes to size, do not forget the pocket length because size comes in all pocket lengths to ensure you get the right super king fitted sheets for your bed. Small, small double, double, single, queen size, king size, and super king are the standard and available sizes.

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