What Makes Google PCA The Highest Paying Certification

Rohan Mathew


According to the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect with an average salary of $175,761. 

According to the excerpt of the report; 

#1 Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Average salary: $175,761

For the second straight year, the GCP Cloud Architect certification is associated with the highest salaries in IT. This newer credential—it launched in 2017—allows IT professionals to certify as a cloud architect on the GCP platform. It demonstrates the ability to design, develop, and manage secure, scalable, and reliable cloud architecture.

Cloud skills are critical for any organization operating in the cloud and IT decision-makers are struggling to find qualified candidates for cloud job openings. They’re in such demand, the average cloud computing professional in the U.S. makes over $160,000 a year despite being such a small percentage (4%) of our respondent base.

Google Cloud has recorded the highest growth in revenue among the top three platforms for the last 4 quarters. 

Following is an overview of the Google Cloud Certifications with special reference to the Google Cloud Certified: Professional Cloud Architect.

About Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud’s role-based certifications measure an individual’s proficiency at performing a specific job role using Google Cloud technology. The knowledge, skills, and abilities for each job role are assessed using rigorously developed industry-standard methods. Google Cloud certifications empower individuals to advance their careers and give organizations the confidence to build highly-skilled, effective teams.

Every Google Cloud certification starts with a formal study known as a Job Task Analysis (JTA.) During the JTA, a panel of subject matter experts identifies the skills, abilities, and experience required of an individual to perform the tasks in a job role, and create a detailed job description. These skills are described in the exam guides and job descriptions that we publish on the web. 

The exam guide provides the blueprint for developing exam questions and offers guidance to candidates studying for the exam. While we encourage candidates to be prepared to answer questions on any topic in the exam guide, we do not guarantee that every topic will be tested. 

After a candidate passes an exam and Google verifies their record, a digital badge and certificate are issued. Each certificate contains a sequential number that reflects their position among the growing list of Google-certified individuals.

Unless explicitly stated in the detailed exam descriptions, all Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date certified. Candidates must recertify in order to maintain their certification status. Renewal notifications are sent 90, 60, and 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Foundational level

Recommended 1-month hands-on experience with G Suite tools


Recommended 6+ months of hands-on experience with GCP 


Recommended 3+ years of industry experience and 1-year hands-on experience with GCP

Expert level

Recommended 10+ years of professional experience

1+ years of experience designing enterprise solutions with Anthos

Professional Cloud Architect

A Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

The Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to:

Design and plan a cloud solution architecture

Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure

Design for security and compliance

Analyze and optimize technical and business processes

Manage implementations of cloud architecture

Ensure solution and operations reliability

About this certification exam

Length: 2 hours

Registration fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable)

Languages: English, Japanese.

Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select, taken remotely or in person at a test center. Locate a test center near you.

Exam Delivery Method:

Take the online-proctored exam from a remote location, review the online testing requirements.

Take the onsite-proctored exam at a testing center, locate a test center near you.

Prerequisites: None

Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect – Preparing For The Exam

IT certifications especially those of an advanced skill level are always very challenging but it’s the way you prepare for it is that makes it difficult or easier. With the increasing interest of the industry in the cloud platform, the internet is loaded with material about it. Plenty of video tutorials, study guides, practice tests, and interactive training are available for those looking for preparation for the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam. As with the other certification exams, a lot of braindumps, practice questions and answers, testing engines, and simulators are available.  Google is the primary source of instructor-led training and other study material for the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam. Some of the training providers are expansive and not affordable for the majority of the candidates.  Alternatively, there are other affordable alternatives present in the market as well. DumpsTool is the one such Training provider that gives an Innovative Pathway to Sure success in the exam for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect at a reasonable price. With their specially designed practice questions, DumpsTool offers a money-back guarantee for beyond any doubt success in the exam for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. DumpsTool Training material for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect includes Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam Dumps, Practice Questions answers in PDF, and Testing Engine. DumpsTools training credentials are selected and compiled by leading industry experts. With a careful selection of the training material and dedication, one can earn the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect in a convenient manner. 


With the corporate world steadily transiting towards the cloud platform, the job market for professionals having cloud-related skills is expanding at an exceptional pace. Right now, it is among the most in-demand skills globally. Google is among the top 3 players in the cloud platform market with a phenomenal year-over-year growth lately. These factors make Google Cloud Platform one of the most sought career options. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect being the most highly paying certification makes it a great career-oriented certification among the cloud platform certifications.