What Should You Know About the Best Orthopaedist in Jaipur Offering ACL Surgery?

Charlotte Miller

Your knees are an important part of the body because of the movement they offer to perform daily tasks. More often than not, people overlook issues in knee joints until it escalates. Similarly, a ligament tear can also become severe if overlooked. A complete or partial tear of the ACL, short for anterior cruciate ligament, in the knee is a common type of injury that is mostly seen in people who play sports. This blog below provides an overview as provided by the orthopaedist in Jaipur, about ACL procedural reconstruction and restoration.

What is an ACL Surgery?

The ACL is a band of tissues located inside the knees. It is damaged when sudden or extreme force is applied to this band of tissues. Due to this extreme pressure, the tissue can tear or stretch. In an ACL reconstruction surgery, the torn ligament is swapped with a tissue graft to imitate the natural ACL originally present in the body. This can renew the old and damaged tissues of the knee, offering much relief to people who play sports. The type and size of graft used depends on a case-to-case basis and is best known by your medical practitioner.

After the surgery, most patients are allowed to go home on the same day, but it depends on the individual. You might also have to wear a brace on your leg for some time as suggested by your doctor.

Benefits and Importance of ACL Surgery

Slight damage to the ACL can be healed on its overtime. But severe damage required surgery for recovery. Surgeries are mostly suggested to young people especially athletes who wish to continue playing sports. On the other hand, old people have often suggested medication and other periodic procedures over surgeries.

The primary importance ACL surgery is that it’s the only way to reinstate full strength and functionality to a knee joint with a torn or damaged ACL. This benefit decides to have surgery a comparatively easy one for most athletic or active people. Another benefit is that this surgery has a high success rate.

An ACL surgery is also much more cost-effective if we look at long-term progress, as compared to physical and medication therapies. It is a one-stop solution to return to the same level of activity in life. People who opt for surgery have a higher tendency of full or close to full recovery, apart from those opting for physical therapies.

Things to Keep in Mind as Post-Surgery Care

You will need to give it extra care and attention in the first two weeks post-surgery. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Take enough rest and take care of the operated area on the knees
  • Maintain cleanliness of the bandages around that area
  • Sleep in a suggested posture so as not to put unwanted pressure
  • Avoid any kind of weight on the joints
  • Keep in constant touch with your doctor
  • Crutches or braces are to be continuously worn after surgery for a few weeks

FAQ: Can a Teenager Have ACL Surgery?

Children and young teenagers who are still in the growing ages cannot have the same kind of ACL surgery as adults or older adolescents, because of growing tissues in the body. Rather other kinds of ACL surgeries can be performed on teenagers, such as young athletes, who wish to bloom in their path of sports.


The need to get an ACL surgery depends on the severity and lifestyle of patients which is different for every individual. The best assessment can be done by your doctor. So you must visit your doctor for a check-up if you feel in any way discomfort in your knees, or if you are an athlete who recently faced a disruption in joints.