What To Look For Before Buying A Tripod Stand?

Rohan Mathew

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When taking a picture using a camera there will always be a possibility for it to shake. Hence, the shake reduction standard becomes essential that is inserted into the camera today. To have a stable result, a tripod stand is such a useful device to support your work. If you are shopping online for a tripod stand in Sri Lanka, pay a visit to http://3000store.lk/ while you are at it.

Tripod stands are surprisingly also great for shooting an object with no flash. When you need to shoot a picture with long exposures, a tripod stand plays an important role here. With this device, your close-up photo will be better as you are free to use a slower shutter and a smaller aperture without being afraid of camera movement. So, what to look for before buying a tripod? 

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Types of tripod stands

While there are several different types of tripods, in short, they are divided into five types such as studio/sturdy duty, medium-duty, portable, tabletop, and also pocket. The name suggests based on their main application. 

  • Sturdy duty/studio

This kind of tripod stand is typically used by professional photographers to meet their requirements. It is big and also immovable. A specialized head is a distinct feature that differ from others. It is specially designed for studio photography, medium-format cameras, still life, advertising, and also a large-format camera.

  • Medium duty

It is among a heavyweight tripod and the lightweight tripods. It can be used for studio work, portrait set-up, and also nature photography. This tripod is best for medium-format cameras, close-up photography, location portraits, events and wedding, wildlife photos, sports, and nature photography. 

  • Portable

This type of tripod stand is great for biking, hiking, and other adventurous strolls. You can also use a compact video camera on this tripod. This is also easy to carry to allow you to bring it wherever you go. This tripod stand is great for compact cameras, amateur-video, sports, travel, and nature. 

  • Tabletop

This tripod allows you to position the camera on a flat surface instead of the ground. This is small, light, and ideal for travel. It works great at close-up photography like down-to-earth subjects.

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  • Pocket

A pocket tripod is great if you want to join in a selfie. It is easy to slip on your bag or pocket as the size is small. This is great for small cameras, group shots, self-portraits, and party pictures.

Tripod materials

When talking about tripod stand materials, there are some materials used for tripods. Most tripod stands are made from plastic which is durable and inexpensive. However, some high-end tripods like heavy-duty tripods are typically made from aluminum that makes it so heavy. Another material is carbon fiber which is the latest material used for tripods. 

It offers a durable, flexible, and lightweight tripod with a little bit pricier. Likewise, wood is also rarely used as tripod material. This type of tripod is generally utilized by nature photographers who do not mind carrying large-format-cameras.

A tripod stand comes with some common characteristics like leg locks, feet, head type, load capacity, size, and also collapsed size. The more you understand about each, the more effortless it will be to purchase the great tripod stand to take nice pictures.