Change Your Life With Cooking Crush

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Change Your Life With Cooking Crush

A marvelous treat is to flood our taste buds with yummy and delicious food. We all know how to eat, right? Whether we are bored, happy, sad or we just want to eat with no reason at all. It’s food, there is never a specific reason for eating – it is an innate instinct but not many know how to bring the right blend of aromatic flavors on the table. There are people like me who turn a kitchen into a warzone and bring a disastrous mismatched combo of food.

However, some of you out there is quite the chef. You have the skills to put food-enthusiasts to shame but before you label yourself as a novice with no chance of improvement, I have a suggestion for you – a simulation, a near-life experience. Tada, I present to you, Cooking Crush. It is a fun, reality-based kitchen game developed by Flowmotion Entertainment Inc.

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About Flowmotion

Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. is a game development company founded in 2014 by Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada. The company aims to bring top-quality constructive games to its users. Flowmotion has introduced dozens of cooking madness previously like Kitchen Craze, Food Court Fever, Pixel Paint, and Cook It!

Flowmotion uses a portion of the revenue from its games and donates it to Backpack Buddies, a Canadian charity targeted towards feeding hungry kids in all four corners of the world. Flowmotion has helped provide more than 45,000 meals to children and is continuously working for even more.

Stimulate Your Reflexes With Cooking Crush:

As soon as you open Cooking Crush, you will be welcomed by warm, cozy, and vivid graphics of this Cooking city. You will feel that you have entered an actual restaurant. At every level, players are guided by the server. They will pop on suggestions for you guys to bring about customer satisfaction.

Multiple restaurant options will be unlocked when you pass subsequent levels. And the best part is that you can switch among the restaurants and re-play any level you want! There are around 11+ restaurants and a lot more coming every month.

  • Crème Cafe
  • Dream Deli
  • Salty Taverna
  • Party Parlor
  • Rockin’ Diner
  • Crazy Cantina
  • Donut Den
  • Tandoori Treasure
  • Perfect Pie
  • Cake Corner
  • Canadian Treats

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Working On Your Time Management Skills? Don’t Worry We Have Got You Covered!

With each passing level, the next will be trickier. You will be given a task to serve a specific number of customers in a given time. So, you have to cook and serve in that time frame, otherwise, you lose a customer. And thus, you lose a heart!

Akin to real life, you will have to multitask – having a look at orders, cooking the food while making sure not to burn it and completing your customer orders. Doing all at the same time is nerve-wracking for sure but your time-management skills will improve.

Flowmotion Is Committed To Bringing You Awesome Experience From Your Couch

 The support system is just top-notch. Whatever problem you may face during the game, it will be solved in no time. Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. welcomes suggestions from you guys because customer satisfaction is its top priority. In case of an inquiry, let them know without any constraint. Flowmotion is there to serve you throughout the game.

I Am Having a Good Time With Cooking Crush And I Want You To Have The Same Fun!

I highly recommend this culinary adventure. It will keep you hooked up for days and nights, and at the same time sharpen your reflexes. Just after an hour of playing this game, I went into the kitchen to set myself breakfast. And believe me, I set an aesthetically pleasing plate in no time. What a wonderful improvement over such a short period of time! Perhaps I’ll become a professional chef in a week.

You can download the game from the links below: