What to Look For in a Digital Agency

Rohan Mathew

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The decision to hire a digital marketing agency is not going to be a straightforward one. This is because of the many variables involved in the decision-making process. Knowing the digital marketing agency you should be hiring is always going to be a challenging endeavor. There are a couple of things that could simplify the decision-making process and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Understand Goals and Desired Outcome

Just as every business is different, the same will also apply to digital marketing agencies. The first thing you’ll need to do before you go out to look for an agency is to understand your business goals and objectives. Ideally, you’d want to break down the goals into deliverables. When you understand such dynamics, you’ll be able to communicate with the agency so that you’re in sync when it comes to the desired outcomes. Good agencies like Effectus360 Web Design will start the onboarding process by understanding your business and the specific needs even before they can think of developing the campaigns.

Sizeable Portfolio

There is nothing wrong with working with a company that is just starting out but it will be far too great a risk when you have a business that is growing. Any reputable agency will be proud to showcase their work. They’ll be eager to show you the kind of clients that they’ve handled and the results that they’ve been able to achieve. A results-driven agency will publish case studies so that potential clients can have an idea of what to expect when they work with them.

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Experienced Team Members

One of the ways you can know if the company has experienced team members is by checking out their profile on LinkedIn.  There is no reason why you’d want to hire a graphic designer for SEO work. There are agencies that will try as much as possible to save on costs. This could mean that their team members have to wear several hats which should never be the case. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the consultation phase if you’re unsure of the people that will be handling your work.

Experience In Your Industry

It’s important that you’re looking for an agency that understands your company or the industry that you operate in. Such a company will not only be aware of your pain points but will know what needs to be done in order to ensure that you’re getting results-driven campaigns. Such a company can save you money in the long run because they’ll steer clear from campaigns and strategies that are not likely to work.


The reporting element is often overlooked yet it is crucial when establishing a relationship with the digital marketing agency. You should be looking for an agency that has an excellent track record of providing solid reports for clients. Even though agencies will have different styles and frequency of reporting, a good one will always keep you informed if there is something that you need to be aware of. There should be different reports depending on the KPIs that have been set.

An agency that is just starting out could have difficulties in measuring ROI. It should be clear from the onset of how the company measures success. An increase in engagement doesn’t necessarily mean the success of a campaign.

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They Practice What They Preach

How can an agency promise to rank you for local terms when their website is nowhere to be found? This is usually one of the red flags that the agency is not able to deliver when it comes to results. You should be looking for an agency that can demonstrate what they promise to deliver for your business. A good example is web content. If the blog section is non-existent, you shouldn’t expect a lot coming from the digital marketing agency. If you’re interested in SEO, look at the organic ranking of that particular company.

Size Matters

The size of the agency matters if you’re to get stellar results with the digital marketing campaigns. There are good agencies with only three permanent staff members while others could have more than 300. Working with a small agency will come with a couple of advantages. It is easy to reach out to them when there is an issue or a concern. With bigger agencies, there could be issues with control when it comes to the different aspects of the campaigns. You’ll need to do research to get the right size of the agency that meets your business requirements.