What To Look for in Men’s Clothing While Shopping Online 

Rohan Mathew

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In the world of fashion, women have always dominated. However, in the past decade, men’s fashion has seen considerable demand. According to researchers, male shoppers are shopping almost equal to their women counterparts.

But they lack satisfaction in their shopping experience and are less likely to recommend a shop for men’s clothing shopping online.

Given the fact that men do shop more, why are they still unsatisfied and don’t become regular customers?  

Well, psychology and marketing play their part here. Over the past, e-commerce sites have improved the online shopping experience for women knowing that they are more likely to recommend the store to others, in turn helping the store gain more customers.

But the good news for the male fashion industry is that even though the percentage of men recommending a particular store is low, they tend to spend more per month. Research by Boutique at Ogilvy showed men spend about 10$ more than the women’s monthly average.

You could think about how this shift occurred and what’s driving men to spend more? Well, it is so because compared to the past, there’s been a more difference in the way men shop now. This is attributed to fashion blogs about online shopping for men.

Studies show that men in the age range of 18-34 tend to buy everything online and therefore more retailers are enhancing the experience for men’s clothing shopping online

In addition to that, the conversion rate is higher than that of women. Foresee’s study shows that men convert at 27% higher than women. Women engage more in comparison shopping, whereas men come back and purchase what they liked previously and less likely to change their brand/store.

Bottom line: Menswear retailers should focus more on lifetime customer value and loyalty, rather than considering it as a one-time sale.

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How to Gain Loyalty If You Own a Menswear store :

Loyalty can be gained in two ways. By giving an irresistible offer using coupons and discounts, one could provide instant gratification to the customer – this is called Bought loyalty.

By providing better value to the customer, one could gain earned loyalty which in turn results in lifetime value to the store/brand. It is attained with a period that requires more nurturing and providing more differentiation to the customer.

Comparatively gaining a customer’s earned loyalty ends up adding more value to the business in the large run than that of a customer’s bought loyalty. Hence it’s widely recommended to improve the shopping experience and provide more value to the customer.

The availability of more content and differentiation in the clothing has been revolutionary and fashion designers are doing good when it comes to providing versatile pieces of clothes.

Whether it’s for a day out, casual occasions, or professional, it can be attractively styled with an essential piece of clothing that is: the shirt.

Types of shirts every man should have:

  • Plain shirt

In many men’s closet, a plain shirt is the absolute essential piece of clothing. It’s a minimalist’s most perfect way to make a fashion statement.  It is timeless, meaning it is not out of trend anytime. 

It could be worn for any occasion or office, which presents your personality. A rich shining color plain shirt is chosen as the latest fashion for men’s party wear. A plain shirt will be more appealing worn beneath a patterned blazer.

  • Striped shirt

Striped shirts can be comfortably worn as daywear, for evening outings, or could even be matched with a versatile suit. It’s an easy way to add an element of color subtly and gives a small amount of detail to the attire. 

  • Linen shirt

Linen shirts are mostly preferred by those who like comfortable clothing. The shirt’s 

fabric makes it more breathable, keeping your body cool during hot sunny days.

These shirts tend to look stylish even after wrinkle.

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  • Denim shirt

A denim shirt can be worn to accomplish a smart casual look and could be considered all-season wear. Just like a pair of jeans, denim shirts will be treated as a comfortable favorite if one gets used to it. 

For a menswear store to be successful, giving the perfect fit the customer wants will also play a vital role. Nurturing the customer with what they expect will make the brand gain loyalty from the customer. 

Significant Places where fit matters :

  • Collar
  • Sleeves
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Length

A shirt could be spun with great quality cotton, knitted with care, and would have probably gone under various processes, but sadly, if it doesn’t fit well, it’s good for nothing. Thus, quality is the difference between style and fashion. Fashion fades while style remains eternal.