What wig should we choose?

Rohan Mathew

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It can be for several reasons why we need a wig, from a slight lack of hair, until we suffer some type of alopecia or for some medical treatment such as chemotherapy treatment. But at that point, which wig should we choose? A weave hair or a headband one? If you need to buy a wig, this will be the first question you will ask yourself, and that is that there really are different types of wigs for each type of need.

In today’s market, we broadly have 2 types of wigs: natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Contrary to what many people may think, because they are not natural hair, they are better than synthetic hair, since in some cases it could be the other way around, because it is not only the type of hair but also the finishes in the part interior that each wig may have, or the advantages or disadvantages that one type of hair or another may have.

According to each need, we will need one type of wig or another, since for each person and need there is a type. It is not the same to wear a wig for some type of alopecia where perhaps we will always have to wear a wig, than a medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, where we will wear a wig temporarily for a few months.

Wigs perform in many cases a very important function. There are people who for different reasons it is more advisable to acquire a wig than a hair prosthesis, wigs do not have the same characteristics as hair prostheses but they are cheaper and in some cases it is the best option.

The wigs, say headband wigs, can be made of natural hair or synthetic hair, as we explained before, the style of making on the inside of the wig is also very important, since these can be made by machine, by machine with mono part or by machine with monofilament frontal and finished with Lace front, these being the ones that obtain a more natural result.

What are these tailoring techniques?

When we talk about a monofilament wig, it is a very fine and transparent tulle where the hair is knotted manually, hair by hair. This type of finish imitates a natural birth, since you can see the skin of the scalp giving a very natural appearance to the hairstyle. Therefore, these types of pieces are very light and to a certain extent let our skin breathe very well.

The pieces made with the Monofilament base give the hairstyle an optimal and spectacular naturalness. Specially thought of its need, the most current techniques have been introduced for years, traditionally manufacturing but in the highest quality. These wigs allow you to comb the part or put the hair in your own style.

This type of wig is very comfortable and practical, it is recommended for all cases of lack of hair in general, either due to general alopecia or a medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Another type of confection is called mono / part, it is machine-made wigs, carrying only a small part of monofilament that usually coincides with the line or swirl.

As we explained at the beginning, wigs can be natural hair or synthetic hair, natural hair wigs act the same as our hair, their biggest advantage is that we can change our hairstyle whenever we want. One day we can wear it curly and another day we can make it straight, as well as comb it to our liking. This would be one of the greatest advantages that this type of piece would have compared to synthetic hair. Natural hair wigs can be cut, dyed or molded to our liking, being able to be fully customized to the style and taste of the user.

Another option is synthetic hair wigs, which also obtain exceptional results due to their great comfort. In this type of piece, its greatest advantage is that it does not ruffle or comb it, since if it gets wet, once we let it air dry, the hairstyle will return to its style and shape. Keep in mind that this type of hair does not admit hot water or hot air dryer. Once we wash it, it will not be necessary to comb or dry it, since as we have explained, we will let it air dry and the hairstyle will return to its original shape. This type of wigs will give us a lot of comfort thanks to its low maintenance. They can be a good option, but it will always be recommended for short hair, if we want long hair, our recommendation will be to opt for natural hair

Whichever wig you choose, remember that the most important thing is that you should feel good, feel yourself and never feel disguised!