What You Should Know About Green Coffee Beans

Rohan Mathew

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Coffee is an eternal favorite beverage for many. You would rarely find someone who doesn’t adore the taste of freshly brewed coffee. An early morning cup is what is needed to keep a person focused for the entire day. 

However, the taste is also dependent on the coffee beans you are brewing it from. They do not roast the coffee berries picked up from the plant at that time. They are first processed, and the rest of the work happens later. 

Read on to know more such interesting facts about green coffee beans.

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Coffee berries and seeds 

The coffee berries comprise the seeds inside them. To procure the coffee beans, they have to remove the outer covering. This process is usually done by machines or manually. Even before commencing the process, you have to sort the berries based on their quality and ripeness. To get the best coffee for cold brew, you have to soak the beans for some time. 

The next step is the washing of the beans. This needs to be done with care so that you can remove the entire residue present on it. Post the washing process, contaminated water is left behind. Once they have completed the washing, they sort and dry the coffee beans. 

Now the beans have reached the point where you can roast them. Based on the technique used for roasting, you will get organic and decaffeinated coffee beans.

Things to consider while buying green coffee beans

Before buying green coffee beans, you have to be tactful. Understand the dynamics and use the following tips to make a choice.

  • Ask the supplier the organization they are associated with- Firstly, you need to ask the supplier which organization they are working with. The supplier should have a strong reputation in the industry. This reputation is what makes them trustworthy enough that you can choose them for business. 
  • Find companies that do regular farm visits– Next, you need to find the type of relationship these companies have with the farmers. Are they paying visits to farms regularly to procure the best quality beans for you? Can they provide updates about crop production and yield? 
  • Understand the logistics– If you are making a wholesale purchase, you should know the logistics behind the delivery. Find out if the supplier would tackle the shipping costs for you. Look for suppliers who can negotiate with the farmers and get you the best deal possible. 
  • Make sure they have a variety of coffee beans– You will find that green coffee beans come in different types, and you would love that variety too. But if your supplier is unable to arrange them for you, maybe he is not the right choice. 

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For those who cannot survive without their cup of coffee, it would be a surprise to know that a lot goes behind that one cup. When going to purchase green coffee beans, do your share of research. It is easy to get confused with the vast range of choices available and check everything before making the final choice.