What You’ll Find in a Monthly Tackle Box

Rohan Mathew

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Considering a monthly tackle box and wondering what you can expect? Read on! We are going to tell you (almost) everything that you need to know!

Remember, what is included in the tackle box will vary from month-to-month. You will never know what is going to arrive until the box actually arrives. So, you can only use the following information to guide you towards what you may be able to expect, not what you are guaranteed to get included inside of that monthly tackle box.

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It will depend on the company

Every fishing tackle box subscription service is going to be different. This means that each company will have their own ideas about what they want to be putting into their monthly tackle boxes.

If you go through the website of the subscription service. They will, most likely, have a ton of information about what they have included in their subscription boxes in the past. This should give you an indicator of what you may be able to expect if you get a box from them.

Their website should also give a brief overview of the number of items that each month’s box will include. This is great for working out whether it is going to be worth spending your cash on a particular subscription box.

It will depend on you

Because fishing does vary drastically across the country, many of the better monthly subscription boxes have decided to tailor their services to send out boxes based upon where you life. For example, if you lived in California, then you will end up with tackle that is suitable for fishing in California. This means that you never end up with something that is going to be completely useless in your monthly tackle box, which is awesome!

Most services will have various subscription boxes that you can purchase. This means that you will have even more control over the type of subscription box that you want. This is great if you have a specific goal in mind when you are fishing!

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What you can expect

Nearly all of the items inside a tackle box will be bait. This means lures, maybe some jigs, and maybe some artificial baits. That sort of thing.

One of the major benefits of subscribing to one of these boxes is that you will, mostly, be sent items that you have never seen before. All of the items are going to be useful, but the goal is to give you items that you may not have seen. This will encourage you to try out new fishing techniques. You may even end up liking the items that you get and go on to purchase them elsewhere. Even if you do not like the items, then you will almost certainly have fun fishing with them!

You can also expect the value of the box to be far higher than you paid. In fact, if you opt for the right subscription box company, then the items included inside of that box will be worth way more than you spent on the box. Basically, you are going to end up with something brilliant for a fraction of the price. A good box is a great way to round out a tackle collection ‘on a budget’.


Remember, what is included in a box will vary each delivery. This means that you never know what will arrive. However, if you choose the right service, you will have a reasonable expectation to always receive something brilliant through your door that is going to be incredibly useful!