The Most Common Problems With Electric Golf Carts

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss The Most Common Problems With Electric Golf Carts

You might be the type of person that is conscious about the environment and will want to reduce the carbon footprint whenever you get the opportunity to do so. One of the ways of doing so is by investing in an electric golf cart. They’re generally less noisy than their gasoline counterparts and you get to reduce carbon emissions. Electric golf carts are not without problems. It is important that you’re aware of the common challenges if you intend to buy one. This will make maintenance a breeze.

The Most Common Problems With Electric Golf Carts

Here are some of the common problems you’re likely to experience with your electric golf cart.

Batteries Breaking Down or Losing Charge

If the cart won’t start, the first thing you’d want to check is the battery as that could be the cause of the problem. The batteries will require to be charged and water added on a regular basis for the electric golf cart to run efficiently. If you bought a preowned golf cart, it is not only the different types of seat cover material that you should be looking at but also the general state of the battery. Make sure to ask about this information before making the purchasing decision.

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Ignition Problems

This particular problem will come about because of wear and tear and you’re likely to experience it sooner rather than later when you buy a used golf cart. The solution could require a full replacement. Reach out to a qualified technician so that there is a permanent fix to the problem.

Solenoid Breakdown

This is the wire coil that is responsible for carrying electric current. The sound you hear when you turn on your golf cart is because of the solenoid. You’re also likely to hear it when you step on the acceleration pedal. It could be a simple fix because of loose wires but you shouldn’t take any chances as it could get out of hand. If you’re sure that the solenoids are the issue, you should already be searching for a repair technician.

Most Common Problems With Electric Golf Carts

Speed Acceleration

There could be an underlying problem with the golf cart if it can’t keep up with the acceleration. The controller is likely to be blamed and it is crucial to get to the bottom of the problem so that you’re not having issues with the quality of the ride. The golf cart will not be fun to drive if you can’t accelerate when there is a need to. Such a problem could be challenging to diagnose and repair on your own and that is why it is usually recommended that you’re getting in touch with an expert.

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Direction Switch

The direction switch will let you control the golf cart whether you want to go forward or backward. It is one of the most used parts in a golf cart and that means that it will be subject to wear and tear. You will know what is the issue if the switch is acting up. There is a high chance that it will need to be replaced. It is therefore important that you’re doing it as soon as possible to avoid the problem interfering with other mechanical components of the golf car.

Getting the Right Technician

Once you’ve established there is an issue with your electric golf cart, you might attempt to do the repairs on your own or get a technician that is experienced. You don’t want to make the problems worse simply because you want to save on a few bucks. Working with an experienced technician will ensure that the problem is being diagnosed and fixed so that you don’t have to worry about the golf cart breaking down.

There are DIY tutorials out there that can be used for troubleshooting but when it comes to the real repair work, you’ll be better off leaving it to a professional. This is to ensure that everything is done correctly and in a professional manner.


Owning an electric golf cart will only be fun up to the moment it breaks down. There should be regular maintenance in place so that potential problems can be discovered early before getting out of hand. Make sure that you’re going through the owner’s manual so that you can know what is expected in terms of servicing and maintenance. You should also find someone that is reliable and experienced so that you have somewhere to go to in case there are some repairs that need to be done.

We Have Successfully Discuss The Most Common Problems With Electric Golf Carts In This Article.