What’s The Best Marketing Automation?

Rohan Mathew

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Marketing is important for any business, large or small. As your customers evolve, so should your marketing. This also means you will have to spend more time planning out and executing marketing strategies. And as a business owner, you may not have that much time on hand. This is where marketing automation comes into the picture. Many business owners don’t realize the importance of marketing automation until they begin struggling to run marketing campaigns. There are many tools for marketing automation that can help you take your marketing strategy to a different level. Listed below are the best marketing automation tools of today:

Customer.io for Automating Timely Emails

Customer.io allows you to send messages to your customers. You can create the content of these emails depending on how your customers engage with your company. A major benefit of this tool is that it can be integrated with your website or mobile app to see real-time data. You can even add predefined rules to trigger specific actions. Other features of this marketing automation tool include A/B testing, customer profiles, conversion tracking, and in-text conversations.

Constant Contact For Emails

Constant Contact is beneficial for email marketing automation. It has many unique features that will push your marketing campaign beyond the basics. The tool also offers deals and coupons, Facebook promotions, and event management. You can also edit emails and set an autoresponder with this tool.

Hubspot For Generating New Leads

Hubspot is a great marketing automation tool for content marketing. It has the potential to turn outbound leads into inbound ones. Hubspot includes content optimization, content creation, email marketing, a marketing analytics dashboard, and a social media suite as well. You can integrate Salesforce with Hubspot, get attribution reporting, innovative content, user roles, A/B testing for emails, and A/B testing for CTAs. Hubspot also offers revenue reporting, custom-event automation triggers, predictive lead scoring, custom-event reporting, contacts and company reporting, and event-based segmentation.

Pardot for Marketing Analytics

Pardot is an ideal marketing automation tool for boosting your revenue. You can improve your user engagement with CRM integration in this tool, utilize email marketing, lead nurturing, ROI reporting, and lead scoring. It can help your sales teams shorten the sales cycle. The tool also offers ROI reporting, standard CRM integration, forms and landing pages, email and landing page A/B testing, Google AdWords integration, and advanced dynamic content. API access, an integrated marketing calendar, scoring categories, and social profiles are included as well.

AdRoll for Automating Ad Campaigns

AdRoll helps you retarget customers through re-engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and on the web. The tool has cross-device and cross-platform targeting capabilities that help you provide customer experiences that can automatically improve marketing efficiency. The main features of this tool include retargeting across platforms and devices, flexible segmentation, dynamic LiquidAds, transparent analytics, conversion reporting, and expert optimization. The tool also offers customized budgeting, complete control over ad spend, and a free 2-week trial.

Marketo to Effectively Nurture Leads

Marketo is a cloud-based tool that allows you to increase revenue with mobile marketing and lead management. The tool helps you build customer relationships and retain them. The tool gives you a free trial and comes with a free setup.

DialogTech to Automate Your Inbound Call Analytics

DialogTech is an amazing voice-based marketing automation tool that helps you boost your ROI with analytics and call automation. It lets you optimize your voice interactions and features keyword call-tracking, caller-profile data, phone surveys, conversation analytics, reverse lookup, geolocation routing, in-call scoring, voice broadcasts, and SMS.

Oracle Eloqua For Personalized Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

This is a B2B cross-channel marketing solution that allows marketers to plan automated campaigns while personalizing them. The tool is an effective personalization device that can be used across various marketing channels like email, mobile, and video. The tool also allows you to track reports and gives you insights into a buyer’s journey.

Bizible To Track Marketing Interactions Across All Channels

Bizible reduces the gap between marketing and sales. The tool allows you to maximize the ROI from AdWords and use multichannel tracking to get data about sales and marketing. Some of this tool’s features include keyword level metrics for AdWords, metrics for ad content and campaigns, UTM parameters, custom reports, detailed lead history, and integrations.

Act-On to Seamlessly Nurture Your Inbound and Outbound Leads

Act-On has a cloud-based program that lets you connect your inbound and outbound leads for your nurturing programs. This tool also offers landing page design.