When You Should Seek Legal Counsel in a Personal Injury Case

Rohan Mathew

New York is one of the biggest and most populous American cities. With the city divided into several boroughs, it is no surprise that dozens of accidents take place daily. Many of these incidents result in injuries caused by no fault of the victim. ‘Personal injury’ is a term used to define emotional, physical and mental harm caused by another person’s negligent behavior. 

Common law allows for victims of personal injury to hold the responsible party liable for expenses related to their injuries. However, not every case requires legal counsel. For the average person, it is difficult to differentiate between serious cases worth pursuing in the court system and mild cases that can be resolved by negotiations with the insurance company. This is why most residents should consult with a personal injury attorney in Queens

Car Accidents

Negligent and reckless behavior of drivers, such as speeding or distracted driving, can put pedestrians and other cars around them at risk. If you find yourself caught up in a car accident which you know wasn’t your fault, you should contact an attorney immediately. Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are drunk or drowsy driving, speeding, unsafe passing behavior, ignoring traffic lights and not following road regulations. Car accidents can result in severe injuries to victims, including brain hemorrhages, internal bleeding, fractures, and even death. 

When You’re Speaking with Insurance Companies

Some individuals choose not to consult with a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company. The primary point to note here is that insurance companies will always try to find ways to either deny or reduce your compensation money. Insurance companies may also try to delay your claim so that you are unable to file a case within the legally permissible time frame. Hiring a lawyer with the right expertise can help you avoid these headaches. 

Medical Malpractice

In some cases, a doctor’s or nurse’s negligence can cost lives. Medical malpractice occurs when medical staff do not meet the standard level of care, which can lead to a patient’s death or disfigurement. This includes birth injuries, surgical errors, incorrect medicines prescribed and even encompasses elder and nursing home abuse. Speak with a lawyer if you believe that either you or a loved one have suffered from such behaviors.

Faulty Products 

There have been instances where companies have rushed the manufacturing process and overlooked basic assessments prior to selling a product. This is also one of the causes behind many motor vehicular accidents. Products may malfunction and result in the product overheating, releasing smoke, and causing burns and other injuries. In such cases, the average person does not possess the extent of knowledge required to prove the product is unsafe. A lawyer can help investigate and prepare arguments to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

When multiple parties are involved, cases get even trickier and harder to win. Personal injuries often result not only in physical injuries, but also in mental distress. Hiring the right lawyer can help ease the burden as they take the responsibility to gather evidence, speak with eyewitnesses and represent you in a court of law. Contact the best attorney you can find to handle your case for you.