Where Can I Get A Good Plumber For My Sewer Repair

Rohan Mathew

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Plumbers can take on basic tasks like sewer repairs and maintenance in both new construction and remodelling projects. In emergency cases, having a plumber on speed dial can help prevent damage to your property. While you will eventually find a plumber when you look for one, the process is hard, considering that good plumbers are in high demand and constantly booked. To get you started, here are ways you can get a good plumber. For sewer repair, check here.

Look For A Plumbing License

As a general rule, plumbers need to be fully licensed and insured. In case an accident occurs during work, then your property will be fully protected. You will also not be liable for any work-related injury if a worker files a personal injury claim against you since the accident took place in your property. A licensed and insured plumber proves that their expertise conforms to minimum standards laid by the government in your region.

Furthermore, some states may also provide contacts that you can call to examine whether or not a particular license is valid, recent, or holds a good reputation.

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How Long Have They Been In Service?

While the number of years might not matter much, it dictates whether the plumber is reliable. For example, a long-serving plumber is unlikely to disappear while the project is still ongoing. A reputable plumber often stays in business long enough, unlike the disreputable ones, but that is not always the case.

Many years of service also indicates the level of experience. Plumbing services like sewer repairs are difficult to handle and demand a certain level of expertise. If wrongly done, you’re going to hire a more experienced plumber to fix the issues. So, to save money and time, consider plumbers that have been in service for a long while.

Seek Recommendations From Neighbours And Friends 

In most cases, if your neighbours and friends recommend a particular plumber, they like their services. Asking friends and neighbours for referrals is the best way to get a good plumber. These are people you trust and are preferable to online recommenders and reviewers who can have hidden motives.

Get Leads From Other Professionals 

Besides consulting friends and relatives, inquire from those professionals who have offered you good work in the past. Whether an electrician, roofer or A/C technician, they are likely to have made connections with good plumbers in the line of duty. However, while using such references, an old trick you can use is to let the plumber know who recommended their service, so they are more likely to give you discounts.

Other professionals you can consult are real estate agents. Given that realtors preside over the selling and purchasing of homes, they’ll always have reliable and emergency plumbers on their speed dial. A house with plumbing problems often slows the selling and purchasing process hence the necessity of agents knowing good plumbers.

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Check Online Reviews

The internet ultimately showcases plumbers’ portfolios by putting them in the spotlight. While the company advertisement might sound good, its real nature is often exposed by online reviews from past clients. You can even look into their past jobs, click through their Facebook and Twitter feeds to know exactly how clients perceive them.

Find A Competitive Company 

An award-winning company is better off than a less competitive one. Regardless of whether you know much about plumbers, finding a company that constantly targets to deliver more than their competitors is a better strategy. Most of these companies are often voted for by their customers for awards. Besides, they should comprise a big part of the community by providing valuable online knowledge or actively participating in communal endeavours.

Do They Give Quotes Upfront?

A good plumber should get to the job scene, assess the problem, then provide the right and accurate quote. It’s often a red flag if the plumber gives pricing over the phone. For example, It’s quite frustrating for the plumber to estimate the quote as $X, only to visit the site and increase their quote to $Y because of unseen problems. So, a good plumber should give a flat and fixed quote once they assess the situation at hand. Only then will you have the right confidence of the amount you’re bound to pay and the nature of service you’ll receive.