Where To Find And Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team?

Berry Mathew

Where To Find And Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team?

Every product release demands detailed preparation. Having the best squad at your side is a necessity these days. You need to be aware of where and how to discover a dedicated software development team for your new business. 

It is challenging if the local market has a shortage of developers or you don’t have technical experience. In this blog, you will learn where to find and recruit a team of dedicated developers. So, let’s start.

Where To Find A Dedicated Software Development Team?

You can discover dedicated crews both offline and online. By digitally, we mean via social media platforms and freelance websites. 

For offline search, you can ask your associates with experience in this area or attend technology conferences. Below are some of the best places where you can successfully find skilled developers.

  • Freelance Websites

Freelance platforms are one of the most prevalent tactics for appointing developers. Generally, they are an incredible option if you are hunting for single projects. 

For illustration, if you wish to boost your site’s speed, you can employ a developer to assist you. It is not essential to build a long-standing commitment as it is one single job you require from them. 

There are two types of freelancing websites: general and niche. In general freelancing websites, there are numerous categories for diverse project types. The niche websites are for particular kinds of jobs, such as IT freelancing platforms. 

The con of hiring freelance developers is that they don’t concentrate 100% on your project because they are not completely dedicated as compared to directly hired dedicated development teams. They lack the commitment and responsibility required, particularly when you are just commencing your business. The most popular freelance platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, etc.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the globe’s biggest professional platform on the internet. It aids in connecting experts from different parts of the world. Here you can hunt for both an agency and an individual service provider.

You can learn about their locality, and the number of workers and find their projects. You can send a message to the agency’s head and converse your project details. 

After meetings with the top management and interviews with the prospective developers, you can be certain you are on the correct path and move to the contracting stage.

  • Reddit And Quora

You can discover an agency or developers on Reddit and Quora. They take advantage of Reddit and Quora to promote their business, share visions, etc. 

They answer interesting questions users ask, proving their experience in a certain area. So, you can appoint developers online by looking for a particular subject or asking questions related to their domain.

  • Business Listings 

Another excellent way to find a dedicated software development team is through business listings. These are websites with information on businesses within a particular area. 

The most popular business listing website is Clutch. This B2B reviews, research, and rating website can provide details of prominent IT outsourcing agencies. 

  • Search Engines

You can search for “hire a dedicated software development team” on search engines like Bing, Google, etc. These will fetch a huge assortment of results that can help you locate your ideal team.

  • Your Network And Online Conferences

Recommendations account for more than 30 percent of new appointments. Therefore, if you are well established in the technology business, the possibility is that you will know a few businesspersons keen to help. You can find dedicated development teams through digital meetups or conferences as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Dedicated Software Development Team?

A dedicated crew is hired to plan, create, and execute a lengthy project and is concentrated on resolving the client’s problems excellently. The client individually identifies the team participants, the number of experts, and their work timetable. 

A squad is made based on these requirements and is placed at the client’s service for a certain duration. The client or a company representative included in the crew can manage the work. 

The core feature of this model is that the client gets a dedicated staff at their service with properly working mechanisms of collaboration and management.

  • How Much Does A Dedicated Team Cost?

The biggest cause (70%) of hiring a dedicated team is reducing expenses, according to Deloitte’s 2020 global outsourcing survey report. A dedicated squad’s pricing model is the simplest. 

Since appointing a crew, every worker has a particular hourly price, and you pay them for the number of hours they work. This is fundamentally the sole thing you pay for. 

No added expenditures on renting a workstation for a team, acquiring hardware and software, paying bills and taxes, etc.

Additionally, it is much more affordable and quicker to employ a dedicated staff than to hunt for every specialist individually with human resources (HR) team. 

On average, a dedicated team’s cost varies from $6k to $12k monthly. Nevertheless, the exact expense relies on several elements, such as the required skill set, the product being created, and the team’s locality.

  • Dedicated Team Vs. In-House Team: Which One Is Better?

If you are wondering whether an internal or a dedicated team is better for your project, we recommend considering both options’ pros and cons.

Pros Of A Dedicated Team

  • No taxes and salary
  • Lower operating expenses
  • No need to train the team

Cons Of A Dedicated Team

  • Cannot interfere with the established procedures
  • Problems with time difference and communication

Pros Of An In-House Team

  • Quick communication
  • Saving resources
  • Deep involvement in the project

Cons Of An In-House Team

  • Intricate HR issues
  • Higher functioning costs
  • Lack of requisite expertise


A dedicated team is a perfect choice for projects with many unclear requirements. For startups and established companies looking for a long-term partnership, the dedicated team is the perfect fit concerning ideal cost and chosen experts on the squad. 

Bearing that in mind, you can choose whether you require a dedicated crew. You can use the platforms mentioned above to find a dedicated team if you need a dedicated team.