Which online accounting software is best for small businesses?

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Accounting software for small companies comes in a variety of flavors, each with its own set of features & price tag. In general, the type of business and the number of staff are two elements that will help a small businessman to select the right accounting software.

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Invoicing is the most important accounting requirement for most service-based firms. In comparison to certain other accounting software, FreshBooks allows users more invoicing customization, and this accounting software is best for small businesses or related. Its major purpose is to receive, send, print, & make payments, but it may also do simple bookkeeping for a company. Service-based firms can use this accounting software to send invoices & proposals, collect client retainers, seek deposits, track project time, & receive payments.


  • Integration with third-party apps
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Affordability
  • Cloud-based
  • Features for advanced invoicing


  • There is no payroll service.
  • There is no inventory management.
  • There are several limitations when used in the mobile app.


It is one of the highest performance accounting systems for all small companies. Not only do a number of small & medium business accounting experts use QuickBooks Online, but you will find a plethora of online training materials & forums where you may receive help if you require it. All accounting capabilities may be accessed from a single dashboard, making bookkeeping easier and more effective.

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  • Adaptable
  • Third-party application integration
  • Accounting experts frequently use this term.
  • Cloud-based


  • Syncing issues with banks & credit cards occur occasionally.
  • Many users require an upgrade.


Xero gets high marks for its comprehensive features & affordable entry-level price. You may send customized invoices, reconcile bank transactions to settle the accounts, record receipts for better recordkeeping, and maintain inventory for as little as $11 monthly.

However, as a small business accounting solution, Xero really shines in terms of teamwork. 

Xero’s packages all feature unlimited users, unlike practically all the other accounting services (including QuickBooks & FreshBooks). You don’t need to pay extra to assign tasks like cost monitoring or bank reconciliation to the other members of the team: time-saving coordination is included in the pricing.


  • Every subscription includes an unlimited number of users.
  • Integration of over 800 3rd party apps is simple.
  • All options include basic inventory tracking.


  • Multi-currency support, expense tracking, & project management are all available with the most costly subscription.
  • With the cheapest invoices, plans, bills, and bank transactions, reconciliation is minimal.

Best free alternative: ZipBooks

The free plan from ZipBooks isn’t the most extensive, but unlike some expensive plans, it can’t reduce the number of invoices or transactions you may receive. ZipBooks could be useful unless you’re a solopreneur or freelancer searching for the fundamentals at no extra expense.

ZipBooks is a good cheap alternative if you do not really require as many functions as Wave. Despite the fact that it is free, it does not limit the number of bills you may send (as Xero) or customers you may bill (such as FreshBooks) per month—you may access infinite customizable invoices and take payments. ZipBooks’ subscription plan begins at $15 per month and includes improved bookkeeping & automation tools. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to hire an accountant?

Since you no longer have time to manage your accounts on your own, it is time to hire an outsourcing or in-house accountant. Accountants can manage funds, as well as to conduct invoicing, reports, as well as other financial activities.

Accountants, especially small-business owners, use accounting software. If you already have a FreshBooks, QuickBooks, or Wave account, you can easily add an accountant to the existing plans and cooperate on finances.

Which accounting software is ideal for small businesses?

Most accounting software has benefits that make it worthwhile to use, but the ideal one for you will depend on the type of business you run. For example, Wave is ideal for low-budget freelancers, Freshbooks is ideal for small-business operators who frequently travel for work, & Xero is ideal for firms with extensive fiscal coordination. You can also check out a software review website like Truely for more information and suggestions.

Is Freshbooks the finest small business software?

Freshbooks is undeniably one of the most famous accounting software for smaller companies, but popularity does not imply superiority. Freshbooks may be the correct fit for you, and you may find its cost to be too exorbitant and its payment plans to be too fragile. Based on your requirements, another software option such as FreshBooks or Sage may be the better fit for your company.


Selecting the perfect accounting software for your small company will drastically improve your working career. With much fewer hours spent on the manual entry, you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy most about running a small business, such as getting to know the customers and creating goods you will be proud of.

Most of the top three recommendations either are free or come with a trial period, so do not be afraid to test a few other products if you can not find your favorite straight away.

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