Who can be liable for medical malpractice

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The public trusts medical professionals who take care of our health to make good decisions and implement procedures in a manner that is beneficial, safe and ethical. While we all recognize that there may be some risk to any health procedure, sometimes there is negligence. This negligence by health care professionals sometimes may involve suffering to the patient, injury to the patient or even a fatality.  A lawsuit may arise due to Injury. There may even be a wrongful death suit if the patient dies. Often, one thinks of lawsuits of physicians. However, there are other types of medical professionals and health care providers that may be involved in the negligence and be liable for that negligence in a lawsuit.

Health Care Professional Who Can be Held for Negligence

Doctors provide a wide variety of health care services for patients and they do this on a daily basis. This increases the chances for something to be done wrongly. Even physicians make mistakes. A physician may fail to properly diagnose an illness. As a result, the patient may suffer. Patients could even undergo chemotherapy and not even have cancer due to a misdiagnosis. A doctor may fail to order the appropriate tests for patients. In addition, a doctor may not give the patient the proper resources and information about their condition or the treatment. In these cases, it is likely that the patient would have had a better outcome if the right thing was done. Keep in mind, that physicians can be also held liable for actions performed by nurses and other medical care staff. If a physician does not perform in a manner of standard due care, they can be held liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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Radiologist can also be held liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit for negligence. This can result when the radiologist miscommunicates the results of the testing or misinterprets the results. As a result, patients lose time for recovery. As a result, patients lose time.

Nurses perform many daily tasks for medical treatment for patients, and nurses often render care in a hospital setting. Nurses follow the doctor’s instructions monitor patient progress and maintain a safe hospital setting. They also administer medication to patients. They insert IV’s, and they intubate patients. Even a small error can cause harm to a patient. Nurses can be held liable for errors made in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Pharmacists play a large role in medical settings, and they can be held responsible if they incorrectly fill a prescription in a manner that causes harm to the patient. The wrong medication may be given, or an improper dosage may be given of the medication. In these circumstances, a pharmacist may be held liable for negligence of their actions in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Urgent care centers, private medical practices, clinics and hospitals can also be sued for malpractice. The facility may have negligent hiring practices. It may also have unsanitary conditions or dangerous conditions.

Surgery is always a serious matter. We have all heard stories about medical sponges and tools being left inside patients after the surgery. There have even been times when a surgeon operated on the patient’s wrong body parts. All of these types of things are negligent, and surgeons can be held liable with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Anesthesia is very powerful, and much care must be done when it’s administered. Whether it’s a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic, it requires a high standard of care and monitoring. If is not done according to the upheld standard of care, patients’ lives can be at risk. Patients can even incur long term brain damage if anesthesia is not given properly or properly monitored. Anesthesiologists can be held liable for negligence while administering anesthesia.

Dentists are also medical professionals held liable for malpractice during medical treatment. A dentist may mistakenly give an inappropriate treatment or misdiagnose a condition. Even a local infection can result in serious brain damage. If a dentist breaches the standard duty of care in treatment, he or she is held responsible for the patient’s injury.

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There may be multiple types of different health care professionals in found in one lawsuit. For example, an anesthesiologist and a surgeon may be collectively negligent during a patient’s procedure. If the facility allowed a dangerous condition to exist, it would be held responsible for negligence also.

If you are a medical professional and feel you may be subject to a medical malpractice lawsuit, it is wise to contact an attorney for consultation. This is a serious matter because your profession could be on the line. An attorney will help assess your case and develop the best defense strategy on your behalf. An attorney is your best partner in this type of situation. They will investigate the details of the matter and fight aggressively on your behalf.