Who Will Pay For Your Injuries Caused In A Slip And Fall Accident?

Rohan Mathew

If you slip and fall on someone else’s premises, the owner will be held liable for the damages you incur. Determining who is responsible in personal injury cases is the key element of every case. Thousands of people get injured when falling on uneven floors, rough patches of ground, icy sidewalks, or flights of stairs.

In some cases, the manager or the property owner might be held liable if they were aware of an unsafe situation and did nothing to fix the hazard. Slip and fall cases are complex to determine the liable party; therefore, you should consult injury attorneys los angeles to help you compensate for the injuries you incurred as a result.

Who will pay for your injuries caused by a slip and fall accident?

To get compensation for your injuries, you must determine who was liable. In order to hold the property owner liable for slip and fall injury, one out of the following must have to be true:

  1. The property owner knew about the hazardous condition present on their premises and did not attempt to fix it.
  2. The property owner should have been aware of the situation and have taken steps to prevent injuries.
  3. The property owner created the hazardous condition resulting in an accident.

Most often, liability is determined by common sense. The judge will decide if the owner or occupier was careful enough to take proper steps in keeping the property safe. While making this determination, the law will determine if the owner makes a constant effort to keep the premises safe and clean.

Other factors that can be considered when determining fault are:

  1. For how long did the dangerous condition exists, and did the owner get enough time to fix the situation?
  2. Were their actions appropriate and reasonable if the owner tried to improve the situation?
  3. Was the victim careless in their actions that led to an accident?

Some states have a “comparative negligence” policy where the injured person can also be held responsible for an injury. If the victim was careless and ignored the warning signs, they can also be held responsible for the accident. Comparative negligence will decide who will receive compensation and how much they are entitled to receive.

How much are you eligible to receive compensation?

The amount of money you are eligible to receive as compensation depends on the severity of your damages–the cost of medical expenses, lost wages due to injury, and compensation for your pain.