7 Reasons Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Growing Business

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss, 7 Reasons Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Growing Business

The choice of the server is going to directly affect the functioning of your website of you are thinking of going online. There are many different kinds of server hosting options available out there and choosing the most suited one of the lot is a key factor in getting the maximum out of it. From shared server plans to the dedicated hosting server plans, different types of servers are well suited for different types of performances on a website.

While the high cost of the dedicated server in USA does not make it the most appreciable choice for students and entrepreneurs, it certainly is a remarkable choice for well-established and giant businesses. The high-end security features and the seamless use of resources make it such a hit for bigger organizations.

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7 Reasons Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Growing Business

A dedicated server is very simple to understand- it is the kind of server option available wherein you own everything. From the smallest wire connecting two hardware units to the entire software framework supporting and running your website- everything in a dedicated server is yours and yours alone.

It is because of this idea of owning every aspect of a server that the major benefits of a dedicated server stem from. When you understand what going for a dedicated server brings to the table, you can see all the advantages it is loaded with. If you are a big organization there is no question of going for shared networks and a dedicated server is the best option available. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose a dedicated server over any other available option.

7 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server For Business

  • Reliable

Life has become very fast-paced in recent years and waiting for anything to happen has taken a backseat. Thus if your website has a slow loading page, the users will not wait for it and shift to another website selling a similar thing with a much faster loading page. If you go for a shared network, the resources are not always available to you as lots of users are tapping into the same set of resources.

Thus chances of handling a spike in the traffic your website faces become quite difficult over a shared server. There is no question of sharing your resources over a dedicated server and thus it is a highly reliable option.

  • Powerful

You can easily tap into great power when you are using dedicated servers. This also stems from the singular reason for having a set of dedicated resources available to cater to all your needs. In most instances, a dedicated server carries more resources and power in itself than what is required for the proper functioning of your website.

This extra bit of resource powers your site when you have an increased inflow of traffic on your site. Such power is never possible in a shared server as all the hardware resources are shared among lots of users.

  • Easily Controllable

Control over your activities is something you would want when you are running a huge business. However, when you go for a shared server, you lose this control. Since you have no access to the hardware and also limited access to your software, you cannot all the functions and use all the resources to the fullest potential. With a dedicated server, you own the hardware and thus the software too. You are allowed root-level access in both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. This gives you a kind of control which is unparalleled. You can use your resources in any way you want, install any kind of program you think fit, and do whatever you want to with your dedicated server.

  • Efficient Security

Security is one of the most important things to be concerned about when you are going online. There are all kinds of viruses and malicious programs lurking out there that can bring the functioning of your website into jeopardy. There are all kinds of hackers too who are looking for a backdoor to enter your website and take away crucial information such as the information of your clients’ credit card details. All such attacks will cause your company to disrepute and take away your clients and customers.

When you are using a dedicated server it is very easy to look for all the loopholes and keep updating the security patch. Also, since you are the only user hooked on to the server, chances of any other user bringing on an attack are negligible. You are protected from internal attacks too because of the unavailability of any other users.

  • Seamless Experience

When you are going for a dedicated server you get to choose the specifications of your CPU and the bandwidth. While the former will determine the efficiency and smoothness with which your website functions, the latter determines the speed at which your site functions. Both of them are important factors to keep track of if you are looking forward to engaging with your customers over a long time.

If there is the smallest bit of delay in your website or if the functions aren’t that smooth you will start losing customers who will go for a secondary, faster, smoother option. With a dedicated server, you will always be fast and smooth irrespective of the situation and the load your site is handling.

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  • Flexible

Since you are your own master when you are using a dedicated server, you can bring about all kinds of necessary changes from time to time. From upgrading the software to backing up your data regularly, you can do it all. Since you have direct and unhindered access to the hardware, you can also easily upgrade the hardware from time to time.

If you need more RAM, add another slot. If you need higher storage, add another hard disk to your system. Upgrading your system cannot be so easy with any form of shared server hosting options.

  • Support System

When you go for a dedicated server, you also go for a dedicated support team. Most companies offering options for a dedicated server have teams of IT experts who have the technological know-how to understand and help with all your queries. They are available 24 x 7 throughout the year to take care of all your needs from time to time.

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