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Bespoke jewellery offers an additional layer of sentimentality and luxury to an already sentimental and luxurious piece. Arguably, there is no more famous or well-known type of jewellery than the engagement ring—everyone has fantasized about their perfect rock. Whether you’ve planned your own or tried to get some idea from your partner, we’ve all dreamed of looking down and saying “I do” whilst an imaginary yet totally perfect ring is slipped onto our finger. The engagement ring is a celebration and symbol of love, and should be as beautiful and glamorous as it is meaningful—so why are bespoke engagement rings so special? And what can you do to level up your ideas for your own ring? 

Bespoke Rings are more Romantic

Probably the biggest reason for you to choose bespoke is that a bespoke ring is more romantic. Your loved one will feel even more cared for and respected once you get to telling the reason behind your choice of metal, setting and stone type. Who wouldn’t want their partner to select their favourite cut or type of metal? After the initial proposal when you can let them know the amount of choice and thought you put into it, we can be certain that the sentimentality of the ring will be gleaming through, and your partner is sure to remember it.

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After all, you can search and search for the perfect ring and never come across it. Many couples end up going from shop to shop with no luck. However, use a bespoke service and you can custom the perfect ring for you and your partner. Custom rings, whilst they can sound quite daunting, do not have to be intimidating to your budget. Here at Hatton Garden Jewellers we have a vast collection of gemstones in a selection of cuts, sizes, and carats. Our range enables us to ensure you have the highest quality ring that is friendly to your wallet.

Partner up with Professionals

Hatton Garden Jewellers are a highly accredited and awarded jeweller, creating bespoke engagement rings in London. We aim to provide a service of expert crafting, a range of the finest gemstones, and offer valuable advice. We are constantly developing our services to bring our clients the highest quality products in line with our own values and the expectations that our reputation sets out for us, and our team of experts will help and aid you in your appointments to help curate the perfect engagement ring for you and your partner.

Even if you are not uncertain which route to go or are a total jewellery novice, our team of experienced jewellery designers are here to guide you every step of the way. The designers will talk you through the options available and help you to make clear and informed decisions. Do not worry if you are not too clear on what you’re looking for as our team of experts will endeavour to guide you throughout. You will not be left to figure it out alone! We will be by your side as you tailor your ring until you are totally happy.

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Besides from selecting a mass-produced ring in a shop, you will have the opportunity to explore the range of diamonds and gemstones that we have on offer, alongside the suitable styles and materials to ensure the ring meets your standards and will survive the tests of time.

It also gives you total control over how involved you can get in the process—you can contribute as much or as little as you wish, from selecting the smaller nuances of the ring to leaving it to the professionals to create something with your specific design brief in mind.

Whatever your reasons, Hatton Garden Jewellers should be your first—and only—for the perfect engagement ring that your beloved deserves.