Why Carsharing is the Future

Rohan Mathew

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 First there were borrowable bikes, which, at the touch of a button (via an app), could be unlocked and at your riding disposal in next to time. And now, the next big thing? Carsharing. Yes, it’s taking the US by storm and is set to explode worldwide very soon. It’s got the same basic principles as bike borrowing, but with some snazzy new extras. For example, choosing the type of car you want to borrow for the day. Here’s what else is turning heads…

Signing up is super easy

You might be surprised at just how straightforward it is to sign up for carsharing. Most apps simply require a scan of your driving licence and a credit or debit card, along with a selfie for photo identification. You could be on the road in as little as five minutes once you’ve downloaded the app onto your smartphone.

It’s more cost effective

How many of us pay monthly for a swanky car that we only use on the weekends? We commute to work five days a week by tube or subway, only to use the car a handful of times in the evenings. Switch to carsharing and you could save on those unnecessary costs during the week. Sign up and memberships are free, and everything’s included in the price of your car share, such as your fuel, basic insurance cover and even roadside assistance. There’s a really reduced rate for overnight stays and stop-offs, as well.

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The process is a doddle  

Carsharing apps are designed to be ultra user friendly and straightforward, which is a huge part of the appeal for many. Usually, you’ll download the app to your smartphone, submit a few details (see above) and voila! You’re in. The app will signal nearby cars that are available, and you can schedule rides in advance. Or simply locate your car, unlock it, slide in, and away you go!

There’s support if you need it

Aside from roadside assistance, which is a godsend if you get into a sticky spot while on the move, most carsharing apps offer customer support for complete peace of mind. Better yet, the help usually extends to 24 hours a day.

It’s better for the environment

Get into carsharing and you could feel much better about your carbon footprint. Why? Carsharing companies such as GIG take pride in the fact that their fleet of cars is made up of solely hybrid and electric vehicles. So, you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit to rid the world of yet more yucky emissions.

You can get in on the action

If you’ve got a car that you don’t use every day, why not get involved? Sites like Turo.com allow you to rent out your car when you don’t need it, meaning you could pay off your monthly costs or just earn some extra pocket money while sharing your car with others.

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