Why Do Oil Paintings Make Their Owners Happy?

Rohan Mathew

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The oil painting method was first discovered by western countries like France, The United States, and The United Kingdom, among others, in the 12th century. This was much after Asian countries like Afghanistan, India started using it in the early 4th century. Once discovered, Europeans took it as a frenzy and loved oil paintings as if they were waiting for some miracle that eventually took place!

Artists used chalk drawings as a basis for oil pigments. They applied paint repeatedly as layers to ensure that it did not flake. Due to this reason, it took years or even decades for classic artwork to get ready for a museum wall. Therefore, art lovers worldwide saw oil paintings with revered eyes and considered it as a brand value that they couldn’t wait to bring home.

With such a highly placed perspective, it is easy to deduct that oil paintings were immensely popular in the past 200 years. Hence, more the reason for the curious soul to bring home such artwork would lighten up their moods and bring joy to the house. Let us see some of the reasons, in detail, as to why oil paintings make their owner so elated.


Most paintings worth their salt were made in oil paint in the last couple of centuries. These were handcrafted over years with perfect detailing and near perfection. These masterpieces didn’t only make careers out of artists but also catapulted oil paintings and their demand into a worldwide phenomenon.

Besides, there are ways to identify whether an oil painting is authentic or not. You can check for the surface, the material used, small logos or marks to identify if they were from the right artist or the source. Look up on google on how to conduct such investigations online, there are tons of resources. If you do identify and bring the right baby home, you have more reasons to be happy than one.

Having said that, you can even buy reproduced oil formats of the originals should there be a budget constraint, or you must gift a painting to someone? The only thing that you need to know is whether the depiction remains authentic or lost in transition. After all, who wouldn’t be happy to bring home a painting of Julius Caesar, at one-tenth the cost?

How are authenticity and source different? Well, authenticity is all about the artist and the art whereas the source is about the right, authorized seller or distributor of the product. If you have your sources sorted when you buy art, you have no reason to complain. Just make sure you buy enough oil paintings to decorate your house.

One study has suggested that the source of buying art is one of the biggest reasons for any art lover to be happy. Why? If you have seen popular movies depicting art exhibitions or homes of wealthy people, you will notice that they make sure they flaunt where they got a particular painting from. It makes them stand out or show off their wealth or status.

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The Vibe

The sole purpose of buying art and bringing it home is to create positive, vibrant, and happy energy. Yes, some people like to buy art to show off, but nothing supersedes passion, especially when it comes to any form of art. You will seldom find someone not enthusiastic about telling you the background story of how they procured their happiness.

The colors, pigments, and the multi-layers on the surfaces make oil paintings more vivid and vibrant to look at. They naturally draw the attention of the people and create a positive vibe. Imagine a well- painted artwork that also depicts a beautiful story or real-life incident. Wouldn’t that double the joyful stakes?

There are thousands of oil paintings from the era gone by that are reproduced today. A lot of these are sold as gifts for birthdays, occasions, and as special giveaways. In short, even though happiness cannot be bought, you always buy oil paintings that you can keep/give away to bring a smile to your significant other. As Frederick Childe Hassam said “ Art, to me, is the interpretation of the impression which nature makes upon the eye and brain.”


There is no doubt that oil paintings have stood the test of time and the mindset of art lovers. Being appreciated and liked by people over centuries is not a small feat. 

Once you get your hands soiled in the artworks, you can then start hosting small events at home, inviting fellow art lovers over an exhibition. This is the best way to not only enjoy a variety of work but also network with others. 

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