The best decorative LED table lamps to enhance your interior 

Rohan Mathew

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A table lamp is a very convenient and practical piece of decor that can add that edge to your interior. If you don’t find that kick anymore in your lighting or your decor, then you can very well add that extra oomph to your home with a table lamp. These splendid sidekicks not only accentuate the look of your home but also enhance the functionality quotient of your home. The best thing about table lamps is that they can be as grand and as subtle as you want them to be. It totally depends on you whether you want to highlight your space or just blend them in seamlessly into your decor. 

Choosing a table lamp for space isn’t a very tedious task, but getting the right design for your space to go along with all your moods and occasions can be slightly tricky. Don’t worry, we have you covered as we bring the finest collection of table lamps from the catalogue of The White Teak Company. Metal table lamps, glass table lamps, or table lamps embellished with marble, you can go with anything that speaks to you at the first glance. 

Table lamps: Timeless companions 

You can go with numerous table lamps in the end, but you need to make sure you know the purpose before you get a table lamp for yourself. A table lamp’s design, brightness and appearance can bring a significant change to the place it’s kept at. You could require a table lamp only for your leisure spots to add warmth to the place or you could require a table lamp by your bed to add functionality to the place. 

Our foremost recommendation in the space is Poised. This table lamp can do wonders to the space it graces with its presence. Equipped with a smart LED, this piece is as versatile as its look are. Do you want something out of the ordinary? Then we suggest going with Cheat Sheet. This smart and suave table lamp will grab a lot of attention and will not fall short of your expectations. 

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Complementing the look with other lighting fixtures 

You can also to enhance the look of the space with lighting fixtures that complement your designer table lamps. If you want another highlight in your space then you can very well go with one of the best crystal pendant lights in The White Teak’s collection, Enamoured. Enamoured is a beautiful yet swanky piece that can leave you stunned at the first glance. 

You can go with a ceiling light too to create another overhead highlight. Our pick in this category is the Do You Believe ceiling light that comes with a wood finish as well as smart LED, adding both good looks and functionality to your space. If you can’t accommodate a ceiling light, then you can also choose to go with a floor lamp. Floor lamps can add a strong aura to your place and a piece like You Owe Me is definitely a worthy addition to your indoors. 

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