Why do you need to use links in bio tools for the promotion of your brand?

Rohan Mathew

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In modern branding, a successful social media promotion is one of the key strategies. The more time people spend on the Internet, the more relevant social networks become as touch-points. Instagram, being one of the most popular platforms for business promotion and e-commerce in general, demands special attention. It is not about posting pictures from life and sharing them with your friends. A successful Instagram page needs a lot of effort to be spent on the proper audience, market, and self-analysis. There are many aspects of Instagram we need to pay attention to. But as soon as you start your page, the first thing that should be done properly is organizing your bio part. Let’s analyze the main issues you must take into account while designing your bio.

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1) What are the purposes of the link in bio?

Imagine, what would you think of and foresee while designing your business card? Your answer will be applicable to the design of Instagram bio too. The name you choose for your Instagram page must be relevant to your brand name, but also contain searchable keywords that will help your page appear in suggestions for users’ inquiries. So, think what keyword is the most appropriate, as far as you might want to use it among your hashtags too. Link in bio has strategic importance, as it can lead your future audience to different sources of yours. You can add the link of your channels on Telegram, the Facebook page link, and of course, your corporate site. So, as in the case with a personal business card, having studied a bio part on your Instagram page, the audience must easily figure out, who you are, what you do, and how to find you if they are interested in your products or services.

2) What is a link in bio tool?

Although Instagram allows us to post only one link in the bio part on our pages, there are a lot of additional tools that can help us make the URL list more complete. So, in this way, with the help of so-called multi-link organizers, we can add more than one link into the bio, and connect our page to all the other brand touch-points we would like to. So, being one of such tools, Linkpeak helps us provide our audience with more ways to be in touch with us. Once clicked on the link in bio, our potential clients get the whole list of URLs to choose from: our site, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. So now, you don’t have to get stressed choosing only one link of yours, put them all there! In this way, you will certainly boost your chances to get the audience involved in active communication with you.

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3) Reasons to use the link in bio tools for branding:

There are a couple of main reasons you might want to apply a link in the bio tool for your page within your branding strategy

– Boosting brand awareness

When you plan your brand’s promotion on social media, you want to give the potential clients more information on what you offer, why your products are better to choose in comparison to your competitors, and why are the details of your value proposition. For these needs, you might add more than one link to your site to the bio, for example, the links of the home page, product catalog, and the corporate values link can be provided separately to give the users a clue to form the first impression of you.

– You simply want to link more touch-points

Except for Instagram, different people prefer a different way of searching, and different other social networks. For people who are active on LinkedIn, and might be your potential business partners or B2B clients, adding you LinkedIn page can be extremely productive. Some people like listening to information instead of reading long paragraphs. For sure, they will prefer to move to your podcast to know more, especially when you operate in the field of consulting or coaching.

– You sell directly from your site

If your corporate site has the option of direct purchase, you might want to separate the new collection from other products or provide the links to different product categories separately. In this way, you can add the links to them in order nor make your users click more to find what they need. For example, clothes for men and women can be introduced via different links in your bio to take your clients to the products they need directly.

– You want to run several marketing campaigns

If you work on the SEO for your corporate site, you can add a separate link for the audience to subscribe to your newsletter directly to boost the traffic to your site and make them visit all your new pages and articles as soon as they get published. When you are planning a big sale for Black Friday with additional bonuses and pre-purchase options, add the link to this campaign to start selling even earlier.

The details on link in bio design with the help of additional tools you can learn there. But there is a small technical issue you should be attentive to. Always make sure that all the links you’ve added work properly. Link bio tools are external Instagram tools, so, first of all, choose a trustworthy tool that will support your needs constantly. Besides, check the quality of your links too. Make sure the time loading is not that long to make your potential clients change their mind and press back if the link loads too slowly. If you link more than one page of your site to your bio, make sure they really provide different aspects of your brand and don’t just give the same information copied. Let the link list itself be engaging and logically structured. In this way, you will show that your brand is well-organized too, and you know how to do things right.