Who to Call for Large Furniture Removal

Rohan Mathew

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Who doesn’t need a change in scenery now and then? Time to haul out your furniture and bring in the new one. It’s probably the best time to rearrange your interior when you’re moving since you can have unique pieces delivered right to the new place. The move itself will be cheaper as you don’t have that many items to go with you. But before you can take this step, you’re going to need furniture removal for your old pieces. But whom do you call for that job?


As long as your old furniture is still in good shape, you should consider donating it to Goodwill. You can rest assured that your old pieces will profit someone in need and have another use after all. Check if there’s a Goodwill nearby you since many offer free pickups also of large furniture. Should there be no Goodwill in your area, you’re most likely going to find another charitable organization. Many charities take old furniture to sell it or to make it available to people in need that they support. However, not all of them may offer a free pickup of your old stuff. Other services provide free charity pickups that will bring all of your large pieces reliably to the charity you chose.

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Secondhand shops

If there are second-hand shops that sell clothes, then there are also some that sell furniture. Try to find out if there’s such a vintage shop in your area that would take your large pieces. In most cases, they will pick it up for free and give it a new coat of paint or also repairs, if necessary. Those secondhand shops specialize in selling used furniture to people that are on a budget. In some cases, they may not earn anything by selling your furniture. Instead, the sales revenue gets put forward for a good cause, such as an animal welfare project. If your large pieces are good antiques, you may want to consider selling them to an antiquity shop. There are loads of people out there that try to find old furniture for their new home. Some are looking for pieces from a particular era.

Film studio

Although this would be a rather unconventional manner to have someone pick up your large old pieces, it might be worth a shot. Think about it for a minute: each movie and each show needs requisites. They have to put together entire homes; in some cases, they need to create a set-up for several families, depending on the movie. But where are they going to get the furniture for that? 

Exactly, they usually don’t go shopping at a Swedish furniture store, or their sets would appear kind of bland. Film studios need the proper furniture to equip their groups which also includes large pieces. Try to give some studios a ring and ask them if they were interested. They’re certainly going to arrange a furniture removal at no cost to you. In the end, you may rediscover your items in a new movie and get a few bucks on top of it. 

Professional furniture removal

Should none of those mentioned above options have worked out, you can still give a professional removal service a call. They are often ready to come around on the same day or the next day if your furniture removal is urgent. A hauling service does undoubtedly cost you a fee, but it’s usually a rather agreeable fee. Keep in mind that a professional service offers you several advantages at once:

  • Expert Experience

Professional services regularly undertake the removal of large pieces. They usually come around with an experienced team that has removed hundreds of large items. And they do have a bunch of helpful tools that will make the job as easy and efficient as possible. You are guaranteed not to break your back and don’t even have to lift a single finger – apart from contacting them and opening the door. 

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  • Hands Off The Process

Taking advantage of the experts provides you with a completely worry-free experience. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment with them. You don’t have to worry about how they’re going to remove the large pieces. Even if they’re too large to fit through your doors, you don’t have to worry about the disassembly. They are going to take care of it. You neither have to worry about cleaning up a mess in the aftermath. They are going to leave your place spotless as if they’d never been there.

  • Responsible Sourcing

If you’re wondering what will happen with your furniture, there’s no concern involved for you. A good furniture removal offers even large pieces to charitable organizations once it’s at their site. That means you don’t even have to pick up the phone to call one charity after another and offer them your large items. Other items might turn out as a gem to someone else who’s on a budget and checks the junkyard. You wouldn’t believe how many people bring their large furniture to the junkyard that is still good to use. Since that’s a known fact, many come around and see if there’s anything new that could fit their purpose. 

  • Eco-friendly Disposal

The hauling service will also take care of recycling your large items. Depending on what your furniture is made of, at least some parts of it can be recycled. Jiffy Junk is one of the experts at removing large furniture and ensuring eco-friendly disposal. You could undoubtedly ask at a recycling plant yourself, but it’s often not worth the effort on your side. Their collection fee tends to be near the few bucks you’d get for your old furniture from them. In some cases, you have to pay something extra on top of it. Therefore, it’d probably be easier to have an expert collect it to take care of this for you later. 

So, which of the four mentioned options are you going to try? Are you going to go through the hassle of endless phone calls to charities, second-hand shops, and film studios? Will you ultimately decide on the easy path and choose a professional furniture removal?