Why Is Automated Pipetting Necessary in A Lab Environment?

Albert Howard

Why Is Automated Pipetting Necessary in A Lab Environment?

When we talk about a good lab environment, many factors must be kept in mind to maintain optimum working conditions. Today we will be talking about one of the essential requirements for a lab environment, and that is none other than the concept of automated pipetting with robots like flowbot™ ONE. But what is it, and why is it important?

What Does One Mean by Automated Pipetting?

The easiest and simple explanation that we can give you for this particular process is that an automated pipetting process ensures that a device is capable enough to transfer liquid from pre-set containers, and that too in an automated sector. The entire process is free of any manual error; hence, you can get much more effective by using automated pipetting for the industrial sector.

The entire mechanism is very technical, and here the pipetting machine is often used for suction, dispensing, and finally filling up the required container.

Why Should You Transition to Automated Pipetting?

However, many people might wonder why this process is necessary when it comes to a lab environment and what its function is. One of the most important reasons you need automated pipetting in a lab environment is to ensure that ultimate sanitization. When you use the concept of manual inclusion, there is a possibility of errors, which is also very common. However, by using the automated pipetting robot, you can minimize this particular factor to a great extent.

Not only that, but it is also essential to keep in mind that in a lab environment maintaining the right proportion is very important. Hence, a machine can do that because it has been automated to perform the activity in the correct quantity. And finally, another essential thing about using this particular robot is that it helps one to increase effectiveness to another level.


The concept of using an automated pipetting robot is still very new; hence, people do not have good ideas about the same. However, with more uses of this particular option in the laboratories, the functioning effectiveness will increase to a great extent. 

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