Why is Instagram Better for Marketing Than Facebook?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

In the last couple of years, we have seen a major shift of users from Facebook to Instagram. The thing which is even more interesting is that most of this user base is between the age of 16-28 years. Many reasons are linked with this major shift which has to reshape the previous condition of digital marketing.

Not only for marketing, but Instagram also gives equal opportunities to people from different fields. Let’s highlight some of the prominent points where Instagram is outperforming Facebook.

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  1. User-Statistics

Using the user-statistics for business purposes is a crucial thing and it can bring in unexpected results. These user statistics include information related to gender, demographics, interests, and other important ones.

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  1. Mobile Friendly

All of the social media platforms being used nowadays are mostly used on mobile phones, tablets, or such other devices. Due to this reason, a social media device must have to be highly mobile-friendly.

Since Instagram has almost all of its user-base from Instagram therefore it also focuses on UI at mobile screens. But on the other hand, Facebook seems to be crowded with plenty of features which distract the user’s attention from the main thing. While Instagram mainly focuses on the content and doesn’t offer many features on its main window.

A better and quality mobile interface entices the audience to interact with content more effectively. It is the core reason behind its high engagement ratio of Instagram.

  1. Better Story Features

One of the most influential and powerful Instagram features is its Stories. Although its idea was taken from Snapchat now most of the social media channels including Facebook have adapted this interesting feature.

But you’ll amaze to learn that Instagram Stories have an amazing 500 Million users all alone. The thing which has empowered their Instagram Story feature is plenty of interesting options. Many interesting emojis, stickers, and fonts are what builds user’s interest in Stories.

Other than this, its location also matters a lot as it is located at the top of the application. Most of the users find it interesting, simple to use Stories rather than scrolling down through the newsfeed.

  1. Ecommerce Integration

In the pandemic period, we’ve experienced many new things and it has left a long-lasting impression on our lives. One of the very few industries which excelled rather than going downward is the eCommerce business from all over the world. Since everyone is limited to their homes, therefore buyers prefer online shopping rather than endangering their lives, going outside. Instagram has also exploited this, for their interest due to their vast eCommerce Integration.

No doubt, nobody can replace the role of Facebook in digital marketing, but the way Instagram has become an integral part of online marketing is really astonishing. There are many features at Instagram which aid Ecommerce businesses to find the potential customer and convert them into their customers.

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  1. Better Growth Chances

At this point, there’s a difference of opinion among different experts, but as per our experience, Instagram is a better place for newbies. Although both of the social avenues are competitive you’ve better feasibility of growth at Instagram.

Other than that, you can accelerate your Instagram with some smart techniques. For instance, you can buy Instagram Followers to quickly surpass the initial crucial period. Buying Followers isn’t a new thing, instead of many famous brands, celebrities also tend to buy Instagram Followers to give their accounts an instant boost.

  1. Knowledgeable & Diverse Audience

Undoubtedly, Facebook has a great user base but Instagram takes the lead by having the most engaged audience out of all other social media platforms. Some other stats also speak a lot about how Instagram is a better place to merchandise your products.

Reports have shown that, by seeing products on the newsfeed, more buyers from Instagram make a decision. This is due to many reasons such as better user experience, which made possible due to interface.


Facebook is the undisputed king of the social media world, but when it comes to digital marketing, many big players have already built a strong foundation in the market. Instagram is one of those platforms, who haven’t reached the level of its parent company yet, but in the coming years, this race can get more competitive. As a user, the one who is relying on both platforms will survive.