How to Save Money at the Grocery Store This Holiday Season

Rohan Mathew

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Food prices have never been higher. Between supply chain issues and inflation, your weekly shopping trip costs more than it did a year ago. Add in the pressure to be the host with the most this holiday, and you might sneak cash from your savings to afford the festivities.

This may be your usual recipe for the holidays, but what’s the plan if your car battery dies, or your stove elements stop working before the big feast? If you’ve wiped out your savings, you’ll have to look for an alternate means to cover this surprise repair.

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An online installment loan is there to bail you out of an emergency. Remember this just in case the tips below aren’t enough to protect your savings from holiday spending. But don’t worry — this guide shows you how to reduce your food costs, so you don’t get into this sticky situation in the first place.

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Buy Canned or Frozen Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables can wind up costing you a pretty penny thanks to inflation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a veggie-packed side dish or two this year. Buy frozen or canned alternatives to save money without compromising nutrition.

Try Meat-Free Options

Next to fresh veg, high-quality cuts of meat are some of the most expensive items at the grocery store. You stand to save a lot by trying out a plant-based holiday. Just be careful of what you substitute as your protein. While legumes and pulses are cheaper alternatives, popular fake meat products can sink your budget.

Not sure how to go veg? Learn how delicious, nutritious, and cheap plant-based eating can be here

Put Your Freezer to Good Use

You can save $1,500 in food waste every year by using your freezer properly. Check out this list to prepare any food that’s nearing its best buy date and toss it into the freezer. This is a handy way to cash in on any too-good-to-be-true deals without the fear of wasting your money.

Plan out Your Meals

Winging mealtime is a sure-fire way to waste ingredients or resort to expensive takeout. By planning your meals in advance, you can choose recipes that use similar ingredients to maximize your budget and boost cost-efficiency. 

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Don’t Shop Hungry

Everything sounds like it belongs in your cart when you’re hungry — whether it’s that family-sized jar of mincemeat or a gallon of eggnog. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach to stick to your list and avoid buying unnecessary snacks that go bad before you can eat them. 

Download an App

The right app on your phone can unlock significant savings this holiday — and beyond. Check out this list to compare apps that provide coupons and rebates on particular items. 

You can also download apps that help you pinpoint the lowest prices. Sometimes, that means rescuing food before it gets thrown out at the end of the day with the help of apps like Olio or Too Good to Go.

You don’t have to break your budget or steal money from savings to celebrate the season. Don’t forget these tips after the New Year. Follow them with every grocery trip to save year-round.