Why It’s Important To Have A CCTV Camera System

Rohan Mathew

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CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are absolutely everywhere. Government, private businesses and even residences are using this technology in the hopes of preventing crime and catching criminals in the act. If you don’t already have a CCTV camera system installed, then you may be making your business a target for crime.

5 Reasons it is crucial to have a CCTV camera system installed include:

  1. Deters Crime

Research conducted over 40 years relative to CCTV systems in various locations showed a reduction in crime of 16% What this means is that people are 16% less likely to commit a criminal act when they see a camera. They know that they are being watched, that there will be evidence of their crimes and that they are more likely to get caught and be prosecuted.

  1. Evidential

There is nothing quite like video footage of a crime to provide evidence in a court of law. A CCTV system that allows footage to be recorded provides evidence of a crime being committed long after the fact. It is the best eyewitness available and does not lie. Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable while CCTV footage cannot be disputed. All that is necessary is for the video evidence to be authenticated in order to be used as evidence against a perpetrator.

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  1. Monitoring

CCTV allows for live monitoring of your business premises. You can view the feed from cameras as events occur. This live monitoring is not only ideal to catch criminals in the act but also to monitor employees. This ensures that your employees are doing their job and also prevents employee theft. Statistics found that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once and 37.5% report having stolen twice.

statistics/#:~:text=What%20percentage%20of%20employees%20steal,them%20stealing%20at%20least%20twice). Employee theft is one of the major underestimated factors that affect the bottom line of a business.

  1. Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often offer lower rates to clients who have CCTV systems installed. This is not only because it deters and prevents crime but also because there is recorded evidence of the crime that was committed. Your insurance company may request video footage of theft or crime when you submit a claim. They want this information to verify that a crime was committed and exactly what was stolen, damaged or lost to prevent fraudulent insurance claims from being submitted. Fraudulent claims are a major problem for insurance companies and result in higher premiums for policyholders. 

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  1. Non-criminal Activities

There are many non-criminal events that can occur that result in a “he-said, she-said” scenario. Recorded surveillance footage can help verify whose story is closer to the truth and the events that actually occurred. This provides your employees and your business protection against misconduct, assault or plain old false accusations. Evidence from CCTV cameras can also be used as evidence in a wrongful liability lawsuit or workers compensation claim. 

The bottom-line – a CCTV camera system will save you money down the line by deterring criminal activity, monitoring employee performance, avoiding expensive litigation and decreasing your insurance rate.