Why Making A Prototype Is Important When Pitching Your App Idea To Investors?

Rohan Mathew

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When designing a new app or formulating its code, the developer must prepare a prototype model of the app for demonstration related reasons. Other than that, the basic purpose behind this approach is to have a semi-working model for your app so the investors can review the work you have done and pitch in their investment based on the current performance of the app or the tasks it was developed around.

What is a prototype app?

It is a preliminary visual mockup that looks like a real app; it can help the viewers understand the app’s fundamental design and function or what it could be given it gets completed first. It does not contain a working code because it is a mockup, to begin with. It can either be a mockup design on a paper or a digital system with clickable buttons and other functional elements etched over a mobile screen.

Developing a prototype app is not that difficult at well, since it just requires you to create a visual personification of the app and not hard code anything.

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Importance of the prototype app

Various benefits are associated with the development of the prototype app; the most obvious ones are as follows;

1. It helps to build investor’s confidence

When you have a semi-working version of the app in the form of a prototype, what does it mean? It means that anyone interested in investing or becoming part of the app as partner has something tangible to look at. It can actually help build confidence from the investor’s side; if they can see it working and fulfilling its purpose with their own eyes, they might be interested in investing in your app.

2. Providing insight into the overall working of the app

When you have developed a working prototype of an app, then it means that you can run tests in great depth that will allow you to validate its usability, overall look, its UI (user interface), and UX (user experience). When real-time users can interact with the app only then, they can offer their suggestions and provide you with feedback that will help you to improve its functioning further and add a practical level of stability into your app.

On top of this, it helps you weed out any discrepancies between the perceived app idea and the way it panned out visually when you developed the prototype.

3. A prototype app reveals any inherent flaws.

Any android app development company will only launch their app if they know for sure that it is perfect and effectively stable on all focal elements. Effective testing is done before any copy of the app can make its way out to the end customers. The same goes for the prototype apps; it allows developers and working engineers to run various tests and extract viable performance-oriented information from the working prototype.

Suppose anything is found to be out of order or misbehaving/flickering in any possible way. In that case, the developer can effectively seek out and remove the issue before pitching the app’s idea to the investors and ruining their chance of getting a significant initial investment for further development. Other than that, having a prototype version of the app would increase the overall chances of effectively catching any vulnerabilities or security-related issues before the app’s release. These would be much more tangible and noticeable at the time being.

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That is why it is always a wise move to develop a working prototype of an app that you seem to be working on, because this way, you can closely observe its behavior, grab valuable insight from the users, and find the solution to all problems reported during the thorough testing of the app.

Many android game app development services out there follow the same pattern of developing a working prototype for the apps they are working on, thoroughly testing them, and at the end, pitching in any corrective action required. That is why apps that had a prototype version have fewer chances of having glitches, and if there are some, then these can be removed in the next patch update for the app.