Why Must Daily Office Disinfection Occur in the Workplace?

Rohan Mathew

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Apart from the healthiness of the workforce, commercial cleaning ensures health compliance within a jurisdiction. Cleaning and disinfection at the workplace can go a long way into eliminating the threat of staff being susceptible to illnesses due to an accumulation of bacteria and other viruses.

Companies that implement services for regular commercial cleaning can help reduce the cost and effect of staff illnesses and prevent companies from having to endure productivity issues due to staff members not being at the workplace.

This article discusses the importance of daily workplace disinfection. Before then, however, let’s learn the difference between cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting.

Cleaning, Sanitising, and Disinfecting: The Difference

When you use water, detergent, sponge, rags, and mop to wipe, remove cobwebs and clean the office in the workplace, the process is called cleaning. Also, getting rid of food crumbs on the desk, wiping oil/water and packing off dirt is also called cleaning. Unfortunately, cleaning alone does not get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses at the workplace.

To get rid of germs, bacteria, and viruses, the offices at the workplace must be sanitised. Somehow, only commercial cleaning services offer the best sanitising solutions. Sanitisers typically contain 60-95% ethyl alcohol and according to multiple reports, it kills 99.99% of bacteria within one minute (not proven scientifically).

However, disinfecting the office at the workplace daily functions even better, and it sanitises the nooks and crannies of the office.

The typical practice of the dirt management workforce is traditional cleaning, which is not enough. Your company needs frequent commercial cleaning from commercial cleaners to be health-safe.

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The Importance of Daily Office Disinfection in the Workplace

In this section, we discover the importance of daily office disinfection.

Below are the reasons to disinfect the office in the workplace:

  1. Reduce Bacteria Spread

To mitigate the spread of bacteria across the offices in the workplace, you should hire a contract cleaning service in the UK such as GCCFM.

Bacteria can increase every 20 minutes under favourable conditions. According to Seafoodhaccp.cornell.edu, one bacterium can increase to over 30,000 in 5 hours or over 16 million in 8 hours.

You do not want your business to be bacteria-infested because employees will succumb to the attack, fall sick, and break from the task.

2. Secure a Healthy Workforce

A healthy workforce creates healthy and strong competition, which is unquestionable. If your company houses an ill workforce, it gives competitors edges in all ramification over your company.

Would you rather invest in the disinfection of every office in the workplace or lose your competitive ground to competitors?

If not, a cleaning service is your ideal bet to ensure and enhance employee healthiness for improved productivity and higher yields.

3. Remain Health Compliant

A typical professional contract cleaning services provider guarantees health compliant cleaning in your company.

UK businesses paid about £115,440 in fines for health and safety breaches.

No company prefers to lose such a hefty amount to fines, whereas it costs much less to hire commercial cleaning services.

Methods to Disinfect Items in the Office Daily

In this section, you will learn the standard method to disinfect common office items in the workplace.

Switches, Handles, and Locks

Office switches handles, and locks are some of the most touched surfaces in the workplace.

A refrigerator handle, for instance, is contaminated by growing bacteria because workers store foods in the fridge regularly. Moreover, the handle is the first thing they go for. The same applies to light switches and locks of any kind.

Use a decent drop of rubbing alcohol on light switches, handles, and locks to get rid of germs.


Office pipes also contain an enormous amount of bacteria regardless of the running water in them.

To disinfect pipes in the office, apply a dosage of 50-200 ppm of free chlorine to the pipes. You should contact contract cleaners for professional cleaning devoid of haphazard.

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Office Equipment

Equipment in the office such as computer, printer, desk scanner, mouse, scissor, papers, phone, pen, etc. each house bacteria and must be disinfected.

Since they are not used sparingly, people tend to think they contain no germs, which is false.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the use of sprays with 70% alcohol content to disinfect a phone, which is one of the office equipment.

Apply the alcohol solution to a wipe and use it for cleaning. However, do not use aerosol sprays or solutions that contain abrasives or bleach to wipe delicate equipment such as computer and phone screens.