Why Private Detox Center is Preferable?

Rohan Mathew

Addiction is a social taboo so no one wants to admit that he/she is abusing the drug or alcohol and try to keep it a secret from the family and friends which is not an easy thing for a long time. It’s just like, once the “cat is out of the bag” and it’s time to seek help, so discretion becomes as important as it was before. If you are in some reputable position, the privacy problems take a new level of importance, where the private detox center can help to take you out of all this.

Keeping all these concerns in mind, private detox centers are designed in such a way to guard your secrecy at each phase of the treatment while giving you individualized care. You can check summit detox reviews for useful information that can help you make an informed decision in choosing a detox center. Undoubtedly, private detox is expensive as compared to the public ones, but the level of care, accommodation, and wide range of treatment options work together to make sure that all your personalized therapy needs are looked after properly. 

Public vs Private Detox Care

The main goal of both private and public detox is the same i.e. helps you to daze the substance abuse and addiction effects on your life. Although, the main difference is the way how both of them fulfill their task that is dependent on the type of funding they are receiving. The kind of funding tells how the design is build up and what treatment options they offer. The public sector receives funding from the federal government which is a limited amount so it limits the level and type of services they offer. 

Alternatively, the private detox centers receive their funding from the patients they offer services to. So they have a strong monetary inducement to serve their patients with high quality and efficient treatment. Now, it’s approved that private centers cost more than the public sectors but these expenses can be easily shown in the variety of treatment options, accommodation, and the personalized care and confidentiality you receive.

Reasons to Choose a Private Detox Center

Following are some of the reasons to prefer the private detox services over the public ones:


Your medical history and your locality are the main areas of protection that are covered by the private detox centers. Your personal information remains safe with the detox center and unless you give the written consent, no one has the right to access your data. Many detox centers provide seal gateways to give you full privacy of entrance and exit. The detox queens are designed in such a way that it forms such an environment where your only focus is recovery as soon as possible.

Help in recovery

Addiction and withdrawal go hand in hand, once you decided to quit the substance abuse. Withdrawal has many side effects which affect mental health so it’s advisable to get immediate help whenever requires. Unlike the public sectors where you have to wait in a long queue for your turn, the private detox centers can help you whenever you need it the most.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Addiction affects each person differently, so different treatment must be for every individual. Your customized treatment plan will determine which services you need and is also used to know your progress and modifications are made accordingly. Private detox offers a supervised detox process under the supervision of qualified professional staff instead of a simple general practitioner and a nurse or staff boy taking whole responsibility for the treatment in the public sector.

At ease Housings

To provide a comfortable environment for a smooth recovery, private detox provides a few of the following accommodation options:

  • Private rooms
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • Gym facilities
  • Swimming baths
  • Health spa and hot tub