Different Types of Aprons Your Restaurant Need

Rohan Mathew


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Restaurants are about food, taste, pleasant looks, decency, and a clean environment. A clean environment is key to health. People judge and rank restaurants based on food quality, food taste, and how pleasant and clean environment is. You will agree that you don’t want to eat at a messy place, no one wants, Right? In this article, we will discuss How important and useful aprons are for your restaurant.

The restaurant is about Service and presentation. Therefore, making your restaurant cool and easy on the eye is a must. Aprons add some aesthetic beauty to your restaurant. Therefore, your inventory must have a collection of different aprons. In high rated restaurants, no worker enters the work without wearing an apron. Aprons protect from stains and provide a colour code to all your employees, thus needed in every corner of your restaurant. The benefits of Aprons are

  • Protestation against stains
  • Protection against skin burn from flames
  • Protection against germs
  • Prevent contamination of food, from dust, germs and bacteria.
  • Reduce the laundry expenses
  • Easy to carry things, instructions, manuals, order details in the pockets
  • Aprons create a sensation of professionalism; employees feel safe, comfortable and powerful in them
  • Aprons create the discipline of colour and dress in your restaurant
  • Aprons can be used as a dish and hand towel
  • Aprons give your brand a unique look, thus develop recognition among your customers.

Aprons are essential for every day working of a restaurant. They serve different purposes; therefore, comes in different size and shape. These funny aprons for men at work can change their entire look. Here is our list of different kinds of apron your restaurant needs.

Different Types of Aprons Your Restaurant Needs

Apron represents your brand, provide a clean, hygienic environment, and hold a positive image of your employees in the customer’s mind. An apron is the reflection of your brand, thus choose them wisely.

  • Lifestyle Aprons most versatile and commonly used attire. It covers a person from chest to legs; thus can be worn by any employee. They come with pockets on either side, and in some cases in the middle, these pockets are useful in carrying stuff like pens, notes, and instructions manual.
  • Bib Apron are small in size; they only cover some part of waist and legs. They are useful for employees working on the backend. They protect against stains and spills.
  • Waist aprons cover the area from the waist to knee. Employees feel light, comfortable, and free wearing those. They allow quick and free movement with ease and protection as well. Therefore, they are useful for employees working at the front end.

These are the common types of aprons. It is also important to consider the fabric of which the aprons are made. You must choose a fabric or colour according to your brand. Also, keep the comfort and ease of your employees in mind as well. You can also add some funny baking aprons if your restaurant is serving kids. These funny baking aprons attracts kids. Some other useful types of aprons are

  • 4-Way Aprons are waist aprons with four layers. 4 layers provide options to wear them for longer periods. For instance, if the front layer gets spoiled, you can easily switch to the clean side. They are easy on Laundry costs and save time consumed in changing the aprons. They are useful for Chefs and Back end kitchen staff.
  • Bistro Aprons are long and cover pants. They have pockets to carry pens and notes. They do not covet the upper body, therefore are useful for front end staff. Longer pants protect pants of employees while wiping tables.
  • Tuxedo Aprons are an upgraded version of bib aprons. They look perfect with white shirts and a tie. These are perfect for waiters, banquets, and catered events. They give an elegant appearance to the dining area.
  • Cobbler Aprons, commonly known as smock aprons, covers a person’s upper body. They come with adjustable side ties so that you can tight or loose the aprons as per need. They are useful for Bakeries, Schools, Hospitals, and housekeeping.
  • Dishwasher Aprons are full length, waterproof aprons that extend past the knees. They are water, resistant, fire, heat and cut resistant. They protect against grease and chemicals.

Besides protection, the most important function these aprons serve is branding and marketing. People will remember the appearance and can differentiate between them. So if your restaurant has a unique and elegant apron code, it will mask an impression on customers and help establish your brand recognition among customers. So it would help if you chose them after deep consideration. For more reads and tips do visit our blog regularly.