Why should you opt for residential Internet, Cable, and Phone Services?

Rohan Mathew

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This is unfortunately very true, taking into consideration the age of the famous track by Bob Dylan, which was originally released in 1964. Before the explosion of smartphones, which have taken advantage of the internet to enable communication via social media, we had cell phones which were expensive and had limited range. Almost every home had a home telephone which was, of course, cheaper when compared to a cellphone. In fact, if we look at the cost of having a home telephone as compared to that of a cellphone plan, it is still cheaper to just have the landline all by itself. Many people think that having a smartphone in place of a home telephone takes care of all their telecommunication needs while also cutting costs. As my parents taught me, every penny has value and it’s all it takes to make a dollar as compared to $0.99.

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Most people have decided to take advantage of unlimited monthly packages so that they have unlimited minutes with which to speak to their friends and family alongside a limited data plan to cater to their internet needs. Initially, this seems like a stellar idea since you could discontinue your home telephone and take the $10-$20 that goes towards your home telephone and invest it into your monthly cell phone package. As I mentioned, this seems like a wise move but it’s the worst decision that you can choose to make. Let me explain myself, most telecommunications providers will trick you into signing a two-year contract that one, affects your credit and two, carries a heavy cancellation fee. These companies will use some of the latest smartphones to make the deal seem like a steal but be warned, you’re the one getting robbed. So you traded a $10-$20 monthly expense and upgraded to a $50-$80 expense for the sake of an all-in-one solution.


Smartphones are truly awesome but they have one major flaw and that is their reliance on a battery as their power source.  Of course, there are ways to circumvent this, such as power banks, but I just see that as an additional cost and then you would need more things to charge. There is, of course, a simple solution and that is going ahead and setting your home up with an internet connection and a home telephone. Instead of going for a monthly cell phone plan, opt for a prepaid one instead. Most home telephone lines offer unlimited nationwide calling, so instead of using your smartphone at home, you can use your home telephone and give your smartphone a much-needed break. If you use your smartphone data to access the internet then this is where your home internet connection will come into play and that too should be an unlimited connection. Likewise, online streaming sites are wonderful, yes but in the long run, they don’t always cover everything that might be helpful or entertaining for you. Therefore, rather than just opting for either one of the two services i.e. internet and cable – it’s best to have them both. Plus, the bundle deals are always cost-efficient than standalone services. For the best bundles, we highly recommend AT&T Internet deals, which offer the most reliable services at reasonable prices.

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The only time that one should use their cellular data and minutes is when you are not at home and on the go. The great thing about prepaid cellular connections is that you only pay for the amount that you use, therefore, you don’t have data and minutes going to waste once when your billing cycle has ended. Not only will you save money by ridding yourself of a monthly cellular bill, but you will also have the freedom to change networks as you see fit based on the various promotions available. It is true that you will have a monthly bill for residential internet, cable, and home telephone services, however, bear in mind that it will be far less than compared to a monthly cellular bill, plus you’ll get unlimited usage and none of the pitfalls of a smartphone. Overall, at the end of the day, you will be saving money, enough money in fact that you be able to save enough money to purchase the latest smartphone that you’ve been wanting.