Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing 

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In This Article, We Are Going To List Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing

Today, all startups are investing their time and money in digital marketing. This is due to the increasing trend in digital marketing. Startups that are promoting their services through digital marketing have succeeded in reaching out to a wide audience.

Promoting your startup through video content is a potent digital marketing strategy. Today, more than 60% of startups prefer to use videos for promoting their brand. Audiences prefer video content over any other content for promotion. Also,  online audiences get easily attracted to promotional videos compared to standard marketing ads.

List Of Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing

Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing List Given Below

There are some crucial reasons why startups are using videos as their primary marketing tool. The top 10 reasons for using videos for marketing are:

  • Videos Are Easier for Customers to Understand

Viewers prefer watching videos to understand any product or service. Startups convert their promotional content into creative videos to get the maximum attention of the audience. They create simple videos that explain their brand in detail. A video with a  good intro and content is the key to successful marketing. Using a free intro maker with no watermarks is the best way to create some good intro for the videos.  

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  • Videos Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool used in digital marketing. SEO is nothing but putting your website on the top of search results on a search engine. Your content is likely to appear on the top of search results when you use a  video for promotion. To improve SEO, you have to focus on creating your videos. Make sure you add a proper title and description to your video. Use keywords that are related to your product or service. Quality video content will always work in your favor and improve your brand image.

  • Improved Conversion and Sales

Video content has proved that a typical visitor can easily get converted into a customer. Thus,  it is clear that visitors visiting a web page get hooked by watching visual content over reading normal text. Also, visitors who view a specific brand’s promotional video show more interest in buying the product.

Around 75% of video viewers buy the product after watching the video only once. It is because visual content is always more informative than any other media. So, posting a video on your website and social media page is likely to turn your visitors into potential customers.  

  • Customers Prefer Watching Videos  

Visual content has always been a critical learning medium. Instead of reading descriptions or features of any product, customers prefer to watch a descriptive video. Some customers who do not want or have the time to read the information on a website may get involved in watching a video. 

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  • Videos Are an Effective Marketing Tool

In digital marketing, the promotion of any brand through a video is quite compelling. Ecommerce startups usually create their promotional videos by considering their primary objectives. When you can describe your goals and customer engagement in the visual format, you gain your viewers’ attention.

Not only on websites, but video marketing works perfectly on social media. Some social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are a hub of potential customers. You have to develop a video that best describes your product and post it on your social media profile page.  

  • High Return on Investment

Creating an excellent promotional video is not as reasonable as it seems. It takes a lot of time and money to create videos. The use of paid versions of video editing tools is required here. Also, some startups create engaging promos for their videos with the help of a sophisticated promo video maker software. These tend to be expensive. 

However, this investment is worth it. About 88% of startups say that it is beneficial to invest in creating a promotional video. Video marketing has resulted in a rapid increase in revenue for startups.  

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  • Accessible for Mobile/Tablet Users

Video content is always more accessible for small device users. Around 90% of customers prefer to watch videos over reading on their mobile or tabs. Today, most people use smartphones over PCs. So, whenever you publish your promotional video, there are more chances that smartphone users will watch it.

  • Videos Connect with Viewers

Videos are a rich source of information displayed in a visual format. When a viewer watches a promotional video, they learn about a product or service quickly. Videos that are created using a social or emotional theme connect with their viewers quickly. So, viewers get attached to the product or brand.

  • Get Feedback

Videos will likely get feedback from viewers. With their input, one can analyze customers’ attitudes towards the product or brand. Startups may also improvise their product or service based on customer feedback. Getting feedback on promotional videos is a great way to analyze the potential of the market.

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  • Videos Are Trendy 

As compared to other content, videos rapidly go viral. Also, users tend to share videos more than any other content on social media. The more a video becomes viral, the more viewers watch and share it. So, videos bring a lot of business to the startups.

Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing Explained


Startups are investing a lot of time and money into video marketing. Videos are the most popular form of digital content. Audiences tend to prefer them over text and images. They improve sales, conversions, and are able to connect with audiences. If you are a startup, you should undertake video marketing, even if it is initially expensive. It will boost your revenue and enhance customer engagement.  

Startups that are promoting their services through digital marketing have succeeded in reaching out to a wide audience. One such company focusing purely on digital tactis is Preply, an online tutoring platform that has grown exponentially ever since its inception.

We listed the Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Are Investing in Video Marketing in This Article