Why we need a smoke detector?

Rohan Mathew

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Fire can strike anywhere and everywhere. Only the help of a person familiar with the house, the situation, and how to react can save you. But how can you be fully prepared?

What if a fire happens while you are away at work? Or when you are just stepping out of your house to buy some milk? Or when you are sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee?

The answer is your smoke detector, which you can install in your home and living areas. A working smoke detector can help to save your life.

Building codes and legal requirements say that most homes must have a wifi smoke detector, but they don’t say whether they have to be in every bedroom, or even in every level of the house. Nor do they mandate how they have to be installed.

We know that home fires are common, but what’s not as well known is that they kill three times more people than lightning. So you can have a smoke alarm without living like your house is on fire.

The most common fire-related emergency occurs in the home, and it can happen to anyone, so it is important to have working smoke alarms on every floor of your home. 

In the wake of the tragedy, many questions why it was so difficult for those on the ground at the time to alert the authorities to the risk posed by the tower block.

I believe this is a timely reminder that, while we take fire protection very seriously.

In a fire, smoke travels in all directions. Fire detectors are designed to detect and alert residents and families in the home of any fire that may be present. This saves lives, property and allows people to get out safely. In North America, there are approximately 400,000 home fires annually, with fire deaths accounting for nearly 1,500 deaths and $7 billion in property loss.


Why we need smoke detector alarms every day?

How can a wobbly smoke detector alert me to a fire before it spreads?

Smoke detector overheat: How to know when it’s time to replace

Your smoke detector’s wiring can heat up due to both a lack of air circulation and poor location. The combination can cause severe damage to the smoke detector and/or its components.

You may think your home is safe but it can turn deadly in seconds if you fail to respond quickly enough to fire. The only way you can protect your family from harm is by working with professionals, like Certified Residential Fire Detectors, the right fit for your specific needs.

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Wifi smoke detector alerting you to an intruder in your home.

Comes with a light and audio alarm system. Battery-powered (solar rechargeable) and comes with a 2-year warranty. Included 1 USB cable and 1 wall charger. Secure corded light and music night light.

With your smartphone, you can turn the audible alarm on with your Bluetooth-enabled device and it will also turn on the torchlight to help you in the dark.