Why You Need UAE Attestation Services

Rohan Mathew

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Dubai is one of those cities that one must visit and stay in for its beauty, ultra-modern buildings, exciting crowds, and exotic traditions. Thousands of people worldwide aspire to move to this enthralling city and live their lives exploring the food, architecture, and culture. 

Dubai is one of the biggest commercial hubs that attract students, job seekers, and businessmen who wish to grow and succeed in this country. However, every person who wishes to pursue them will have to follow specific procedures and get their certificates attested for official documentation, which can be confusing. 

Attestation services in Dubai provide all the required information to the visitors and provide seamless service of getting all their documents attested.

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What is the Need for Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

One of the first steps that a person moving to Dubai needs to do is certificate attestation in the embassy. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government mandates the attestation of commercial, personal, employment, business, immigration, and educational certificates and documents by authorized government offices from the host country. The process of certificate attestation is the legalization or authentication of such documents.

Job seekers, students, and people in business looking to pursue their fields in the UAE must authenticate their documents related to their employment, admissions, and business before moving to Dubai. The paperwork is expected to be done with no errors, making it a tedious task. 

This is a crucial process that needs to be undertaken, failing which, people who aspire to live in the UAE would not be allowed to relocate into the country. Hence, attestation services in Dubai are in high demand for immigrants. These services assist potential immigrants in attesting their certificates as per the guidelines of the country.

How Do Attestation Services in Dubai Help Individuals?

1)     Get employment and educational support

By seeking help from attestation services in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, individuals can secure their labor card, employment visa for their employment, or pursue higher education in the UAE. 

Students aiming to pursue pharmacy nursing and medicine must take the Department of Health (DOH) and Ministry of Health (MOH) examinations or other certificates, for which attestation is mandatory. Families who are relocating to the UAE with children must get their school certificates like transfer certificates, A level, O level, higher secondary certificates, and marks cards attested to ensure admissions in the new schools.

2)    Securing visa hassle-free

Individuals applying for a business visa, employment visa, educational visa, or any visas in such categories must have all their certificates attested. For example, a person visiting Dubai for a new employment opportunity must obtain their work visa. 

They must get their personal, educational, and previous work-related documents attested from the authorities in Dubai and the UAE embassy in their home country. The visa will not be provided to the ones who do not produce attested documents.

3)    Get access to facilities effortlessly

Individuals who have successfully gotten their documents attested would find it easy to have their visas approved from the consulate. Once the authorities have approved their paperwork, the person would get a legal immigrant or a foreigner’s status. 

This ensures complete support and protection from the embassy of their home country. Furthermore, this will allow them to have good access to education, residence, employment, and other significant amenities.

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4)     Sell and buy property

When a non-resident individual wants to buy or sell a property in the UAE, they authorize another person on behalf of themselves through a document called ‘Power of Attorney’. 

This gives that person authority to act on behalf of the principal (owner) to deal with real estate issues till the date mentioned in the POA. When a resident authorizes the POA from another country, it must be attested and authenticated by the UAE embassy. 

This attestation of commercial and non-commercial documents is also required when the immigrant wants to buy or sell the property through partnerships with people in other countries.

5)    Extend support for family members

The attestation of family members’ documents like a residence visa for in-laws, wife, and children is essential when they would like to move to the country with the individual. 

School certificates obtained by the previous school and marriage certificates obtained from the home country’s government must be attested. This is required for official authentication of relations with family members, enabling the marriage to be recognized in the UAE.

Using attestation services will allow individuals and family members to have all their documents appropriately attested, without any errors or delays.