Why You Should Buy a Distributed Antenna System

Rohan Mathew

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Are you seeking to boost and spread wireless coverage in your property while using less energy? If so, you need to get a distributed antenna system from Advanced Telecom Systems. A distributed antenna system has several benefits by offering wireless coverage. A distributed antenna system will have a system of antennas while having a source to provide users with the correct coverage on their choice of application.

The antennas will serve as connections to the property’s wireless coverage and link with a broadcast server’s base station. To take advantage of the distributed antenna system, the feature needs to have the wireless carrier helping the antennas function on the RF spectrum.

A distributed antenna system is a system of antennas used to enhance cellular and radio frequencies to improve the quality of coverage and other relevant services. The distributed antenna system is perfect for structures with spots that have terrible mobile coverage.

Different Types of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Installations

There are two types of distributed antenna systems. They are oDAS for outdoors and iDAS for indoors. But most distributed antenna system networks are connected indoors. The two common indoor DAS connections are passively distributed antenna systems and an active distributed antenna system.

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An active distributed antenna system will get its signal right from other networks causing it to be the most reliable cellular solution. Still, it is more expensive than others. The passive distributed antenna system will get the signal from increasing mobile broadcasts transported from the network towers.

Even though the passive distributed antenna system is cheaper, it primarily depends on the outdoor signal’s power. It will also cover a particular area, which is usually fewer spots in an entire building. Knowing the differences between the passive and active distributed antenna systems will help you pick the right system for your operations. You will save money and improve productivity.

Most businesses can benefit from a distributed antenna system in several ways. Here are some advantages of the distributed antenna system.

Advantages of Distributed Antenna Systems

The most common benefits of a distributed antenna system include more precise coverage, providing data service, few coverage holes, voice services, and similar coverage while using less energy.

The distributed antenna system can lower your energy levels because of the sight link being more accessible. Tall buildings, health care clinics, and shopping malls will benefit from a distributed antenna system.

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The telecommunication industry is going wireless. You will need to be ready and prepare your business to make use of external coverage by using a distributed coverage system for your operations. No one would like to experience inconsistent mobile phone coverage. Today, the only method to ensure excellent coverage for commercial and residential buildings is to provide coverage through the structure rather than phone carriers. If you use a consistent distributed antenna system, you will no longer experience terrible coverage even if the building is massive.

If you seek a budget-friendly and energy-saving method to improve and spread wireless coverage, you need to consider using a distributed antenna system.

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced coverage will lead to better communication via mobile phones. With a distributed antenna system, you can connect live conference calls faster. You will no longer deal with issues of calls disconnecting. Also, the time and money you would use to repair coverage issues can be used on other crucial projects in your business.

Strong Signal

All your employees will have a better and stable signal. The distributed antenna system will cover most spots in a building. All your staff members will have the chance to call others without moving around to find places with a better signal.


A distributed antenna system will use many low powered antennas instead of a single high-powered antenna. Cellular devices will take advantage of low power when spreading signals in a way to preserve energy and keep the batteries working for long periods. With low power consumption, you will save money, and your business will still be operating.

Internal and External Coverage

Several network carriers have invested resources in external coverage. Indoor coverage is usually allowed to deal with terrible signals. To ensure that a poor network doesn’t interrupt your business, you should use a distributed antenna system to improve signs both outdoors and indoors.


The distributed antenna system will offer several benefits to businesses, including enhanced productivity, budget-friendly coverage, improved signals, and improved communication. So, it would be best if you considered buying an active distributed antenna system or passive distributed antenna system that is perfect for your business.