Why your website isn’t getting traffic

Rohan Mathew

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You think you have done everything right, your page has a striking design and is aesthetically beautiful, however, when you see your Analytics it is discouraging because it has practically no traffic.

If you wonder why your website does not have visits, pay attention to this article because we at The Watchtower, a leading SEO Company Dubai, Mobile App Development Dubai and, Web Design Company Dubai will explain in detail the essential reasons why the traffic of a page does not just take off.

Why does your website have no visits?

The first thing you should know is that having a page is not enough. Websites must be fed constantly so that they can grow in the online world, and for this, it is essential to follow basic recommendations. If your website is just created and you are not working on a positioning strategy, you cannot have traffic. Simple as that.

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These are some of the most common reasons why your page has no traffic:

Your website has technical problems

Search engine robots don’t crawl all URLs

Every time the search engine robot accesses our website it spends a certain time tracking it, if we have many URLs that do not provide indexed value, the bot may be wasting time crawling this content instead of following the one that is relevant and important.

Your website has errors that make navigation difficult

404 errors, code problems, having a page that is not responsive or that presents any problem that prevents the user from navigating properly, can also result in an absence of visits.

All these details not only make the user who arrives at your page leave early because they consider it unpleasant, but they also affect the positioning and maybe the reason why you do not appear in the search engines.

Your page has no content

It is not just about creating a beautiful page and putting it online, you should also nurture it with quality content that tells search engine robots and users what your website is about.

The home and category page must have SEO-optimized content that includes the keywords that you are interested in positioning and that are of quality and relevance. In addition, it is highly recommended that you have a blog within your page that allows you to frequently create texts linked to the activity of your website, that is, inbound content.

Inbound content is informative content that adds value to the user and that indirectly makes them come across your website.

You do not work on the SEO of your website

If you are not investing efforts in a good organic positioning strategy, it is normal that you do not receive visits to your website. Currently, if you want to have online visibility, web positioning is not an option, but a necessity, so you will have to invest time doing it yourself (if you know), or invest resources allowing a professional in the field to help. to increase your visits and visibility.

Following the basic guidelines for good SEO and developing a powerful content strategy that allows you to create quality texts for your audience, gain new keywords and become a reference in your niche, is essential if you want to gain organic traffic.

The Watchtower is a great example of a good SEO Company Dubai, Mobile App Development Dubai and, Web Design Dubai that can help you with the SEO on your website.

You have forgotten the link building

Building a good link profile is essential for your domain to gain authority and also to attract qualified traffic to your page. The more quality content you generate, the more chances there are that they will link you naturally, but while you get it you can:

  • Register your website in local and national directories.
  • Make collaborations with other pages in your niche to write an article as a guest and that in return link to your page.
  • Contact suppliers or collaborators related to your market to evaluate the possibility of linking to your website.
  • Get mentions by searching for them with the help of Google footprints.
  • Comment in forums related to your niche as long as they allow you to place links (better if they are Do-Follow).

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You have not analyzed your competitors

Knowing very well who you are competing against in your niche is essential to be able to overcome it, and for this, there is nothing better than analyzing them in-depth to know exactly what they do.

With Ahrefs or Semrush tools, you can determine which pages your competitors receive the most visits and for which keywords they are positioned. Especially in those niches that are highly competitive, finding actions that make a difference is undoubtedly decisive. So take note of the formulas that provide the best results, because this will be very useful when creating content for your website.

We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new, as that is our main goal. As the leading and award-winning SEO Company Dubai, Mobile App Development Dubai and, Web Design Dubai we will always provide you with excellent web content.