WiDi Full Form

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WiDi Full Form

 Have you heard of the widi term? If not, then you will be miles away from the widi full form.  So, if you didn’t know about its full form, then don’t worry here you have a chance to learn it. Yes, I will give you the full form and also the meaning of the widi term simultaneously in detail. 

All you have to do is, read this article carefully till the end. Do you know? The widi term is not limited to only one field but it is commonly used in multiple fields and sectors as we learn it. So, without any time delay let us move towards the main topic and learn and understand the answer of what is the widi full form? 

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WiDi Full Form 

The full form of the widi is the Wireless Display 

Wi – Wireless 

Di – Display 

WiDi Full Form

The widi means the Wireless Display which is the technology designed by Intel with many in-built features. This is in-built into many products such as tablets, laptops, etc. Now, you may be thinking about the uses of widi technology. The answer is this technology helps the user to connect their PC or any other computing device like a tablet, laptop with HDTV

What Is WiDI? 

The widi is a technology designed by Intel that enables users to stream music, photos, videos, movies, and apps without wires from a compatible computer to a compatible HDTV or through the use of an adapter with other HDTVs or monitors.  

WiDi Application 

The widi is a screen mirroring application designed by Intel that works with some of the latest chipsets inside of desktop and laptop PCs. It is developed by Intel therefore, it is also known as the Intel Wireless Display. 

WiDi Windows 10 

If you are facing some trouble in connecting a windows 10 with Intel widi, then here I will give you a solution. So, to connect windows 10 with Intel widi go through the following steps. 

  1. Open the Intel widi application 
  2. Then click on the ‘Select”, this will open the connect bar and show a list of available wireless display receivers 
  3. Now select your wireless display 
  4. If you are connecting to a display for the first time, you may be immediately enter a PIN. 
  5. So, click on the Duplicate or Extend in the Intel widi application 

If you have windows 7 instead of 10, then you can also use widi for windows 7. 

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WiDi Adapter 

You need an adapter for Intel WiDi and it is of few types such as 

  • Certified Wireless Display Adapter 
  • Wireless Display Adapter 
  • Display Device 

WiDi Stands For 

The WiDi stands for the Wireless Display 

Wi – Wireless 

Di – Display 


What Is A WiDi Router? 

The widi router combines the networking functions of a wireless access point and a router. And also it connects local networks to other local networks or to the Internet. The widi router is also known as the wifi router. 

What Is a WiDi App? 

The widi is a simple, smart view, easy to use, and most significantly a free application! It is a screen mirroring app which allows you to easily connect your device and your TV. And this app is able to play devices like smartphones, smartTV, laptops, tablets, anywhere. 

How Do I Use WiDi? 

Before using it, connect it with your laptop or computer, I have given you the procedure above. 

What Is WiDi Miracast?

Miracast is a technology that allows you to quickly connect and mirror your smartphone on the TV screen. The widi provides the Miracast display screencasting feature. You can easily share screens and access all of your games, videos, photos, and other applications on a big screen using screencasting. 


In this article, I have given you all possible full forms of the widi term and also the meaning of the widi term. After reading this article, at the end, you will understand that a widi is a technology developed by Intel and it comes in-built in many Intel products like tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. And this technology helps us to connect our PC or any other device such as laptop, tablet with HDTV. So, from now on you won’t need to search or learn the widi full form. 


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