Will The Netherlands finally allow light electric vehicles to drive on public roads?

Rohan Mathew

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Light electric vehicles are getting more and more popular. They are a great way for people who live in a crowded area to move around. Especially in combination with public transportation, light electric vehicles are a great solution. Every country in Europe has allowed the small electric vehicles to drive on the road except for one country, The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is lagging behind

While The Netherlands is one of the countries with the most advanced cycle paths, they don’t allow small electric vehicles, like electric scooters, electric skateboards, or electric mono wheels yet. The government simply hasn’t made any laws yet to forbid or allow the vehicles. Not only is driving on small electric vehicles a great way to get around. The vehicles have low power consumption, are environmentally friendly, and provide fast travel times.

An electric scooter is very compact and most models can be folded to an even smaller size. You could use it to avoid traffic or high parking costs in big cities.

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Demonstration to legalize electric vehicles in The Netherlands

On Saturday 22 of august, a demonstration was organized in The Netherlands to legalize small electric vehicles on public roads. More than 200 people joined the demonstration which was a group ride to the Dutch House of Representatives in The Hague to show that the vehicles need to be allowed on public roads.

With the demonstration the users of light electric vehicles wanted to achieve legalization, they want a minimum age for driving on the vehicles and they want to be able to get insurance for the vehicles.

The demonstration was a big success and the group ride got a lot of media attention. The Dutch government’s reacted that they will make a plan to legalize most of the electric vehicles which will be presented at the end of the year.

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Dutch petition to allow small electric vehicles on public roads

Currently, there is also an ongoing signature campaign that collected more than 18.000 signatures to legalize light electric vehicles in The Netherlands. The petition was started more than a year ago. When there will be enough signatures the will get presented to the Dutch House of Representatives.

What the future will be for electric vehicles in the Netherlands

The promise that the Dutch government made has given us enough trust to say that soon at least some of the electric vehicles will be allowed in The Netherlands. Electric scooters have the biggest chance of succeeding since they are the safest and easiest to ride. Check out https://iedereenelektrisch.nl/ if you want to stay updated with the latest news about electric vehicles in The Netherlands.