Your Complete Guide to E-Commerce Success This Christmas

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

With Christmas, just over a month away, this is a time of year when retailers ramp up their marketing efforts, order more stock, and prepare for bumper sales across a month over which consumers part with their cash at a far higher rate than usual. This is a time to compete with your rivals in order to sell your products to as many consumers as possible, making up for sluggish sales in 2020 with a huge Christmas bonus. And, with most of this shopping taking place online, this guide offers tips to help you manage and succeed in your e-commerce strategies this year.


No serious retailer can operate without a website in 2020. It’s a given that a website will help you to drive sales in your firm – and even smaller businesses, trading locally only, can profit from having a website directed at people in their local area. But in the modern world, websites are also a chance to greatly expand your usual consumer base, taking your products to the national or indeed the international market – and making the most of the sales you generate there, too. 

As such, your website has to be the first point of focus for your sales drive this Christmas. Take an overview of your website, and audit its functionality. Here, it’s worth hiring or bringing on board a UX designer, who will tell you where the friction points as on your website – the points at which you force consumers to leave your pages in search of better retail websites. They’ll show you how you can go about changing your website to drive more sales, and to improve functionality, this year. 

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Third Parties 

There are other ways to sell your products online, of course, and these are no less important than your own website. Indeed, if a US consumer wants to find a gift this Christmas, there’s every chance that they’ll not type that gift’s keyword into Google – they’ll type it into Amazon’s search bar, or the search bar on eBay. If you’re not present on these third-party sites, you’ll be missing out on all that traffic that’s searching for products just like yours. 

Getting your products onto these e-commerce websites is actually incredibly easy – significantly easier than building your own products pages on your website. The trick, with these websites, is not getting your products seen, but finding a way to compete against other retailers on the platforms. You’ll do this on price-points, on reviews, on delivery times, or on quality. Consider how you’ll differentiate yourself on these marketplaces in order to generate more sales. 

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Order Fulfillment

Even after your firm has secured the deals that you’re after, you’ll still find that you need to get your products selected, packages, labeled, posted, and potentially even returned. This takes a large amount of labor that you might not be able to provide yourself, as a firm. In this case, it’s important that you look to order fulfillment companies to service your customers and to meet strict delivery times that will incentivize trade with your brand this winter. Search for order fulfillment online for an example of such a company operating across the US. 

The advantages of using an order fulfillment company are multiple. For one, you’ll be freer to concentrate on your marketing and sales drive – and making your products more available for the national market. But, by going with a company that covers all of your delivery needs, you’ll find that you can relax over your order deadlines and their delivery slots. Your contract will guarantee that these orders will be delivered on time – and if they’re not, you’ll not have to pay for your outsourced deliver solution. 

There you have it: some simple tips to help you guide your e-commerce site to success in 2020.