10 Countries Worth Visiting for Students

Rohan Mathew

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When you are a student, it is great to devote some free time to traveling. See the world by visiting 10 countries worth your attention mentioned here.

10 Countries Every Student Should Visit

The homeworld of humanity is a wonderful, beautiful place! There are many countries on the planet named Earth, with their special nature, special people, special everything. Travelers reopen the world every time they visit this or that country.

And of course, it is great to travel while you are young. It is especially cool when you are a student, because of two reasons: 

  • Modern students have pretty flexible studying schedules, so it is easy to plan and realize a trip for them;
  • In our times, there are multiple opportunities to travel on a budget, which means trips are affordable for everyone, including students. 

Here are 10 countries worth visiting them for sure. I wish I could ask professionals to write my essay and spend additional free time on travelling back when I was a student. Are you ready?  If yes – let’s roll!

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Vietnam: The Total Activity 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Vietnam had been among the most popular destinations for tourists. And it was not by accident. Vietnam can offer both wonderful beaches to rest “passively,” and multiple opportunities to go in for active resting. Youth like visiting this country, too. It is interesting, funny, spacious, and cheap.  

Students preferring active rest should go in for sailing in Ha Long harbor, trekking through low but picturesque mountains, enjoying free Mui Ne beaches, surfing, and many more!

Norway: The Place of Trolls and Fjords

You probably can’t find a student who hasn’t heard anything about Norway and a completely special culture it has. Here, reality meets myths and tales every day. Norwegian citizens are convinced that trolls exist. Moreover, Norwegians know even a daily routine always has a place for miracles. 

Norway is the place of Vikings and fjords where all three states of water mixed up with rocks, plants, and an unbelievable atmosphere. Combined, they draw the unusual world attracting foreigners with its uniqueness. 

A crucial component of top rated excursions here are fjords. People come to Norway to see rocks from the ships, to sail through the fjords, to get to Lofoten Islands, to discover the severe life of Vikings, and to go in for fishing. 

Though, Norway can offer the opposite way to rest as well. It is full of active resting opportunities: trekking, going through unseen and unusual places: Preacher’s Chair, Lysefjord, Trolltunga, Besseggen, and many other magical places wait for visitors. See Norway from the inside!

Georgia: Hospitality and Ancient Mysteries 

Another place definitely worth visiting while you are a student is Georgia. This land is known for the unbelievable hospitality and special culture of its people. 

Despite the common image, Georgia is not just a place to rest on beaches. Of course, Ureki, Kobuleti, and Batumi are the places obligatory to visit them when in Georgia. But those willing to see the country’s places of interest fully, to disclose the local lifestyle, to dive into the nature and its magnificence, and to touch the mysteries of the ancient nationality should go for more.

The active rest in Georgia is based on excursions and trials. When visiting the country, it is definitely a good idea to spend some time tasting local dishes and wine. And then, we recommend leaving for mysteries. 

Caves and cave cities, fortresses, monasteries, canyons, and waterfalls are only some of the incredible objects a visitor can attend in Georgia. There are possibilities for anyone to rest exactly as they want. 

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Iceland: The Country of Fire and Ice

Iceland keeps its mysteries and worries the imagination of many people all over the world. They sometimes call it a country from another planet. Everyone getting there makes sure that statement is true. When visiting Iceland, you are bound to be impressed with its glorious and great beauty. 

The postcard places of Iceland are volcanos, gazers, and waterfalls. You should visit at least some of them during a trip. Active tourism admirers will be happy to feel the great power sleeping underneath the lands of Iceland, the country of ice and fire. If you have never visited Iceland so far, don’t postpone coming here. This is a must-see place for everyone!

Russia: The Immense Greatness

Of course, one shouldn’t leave the biggest country of the world aside. Despite all the political controversies, real and mythical problems, the one-eighth part of the entire lands of the planet is worth visiting it. Just try to imagine that: Russia is about 2.5 times larger than entire Europe, and nearly 2 times larger than the US. And the space inside this country has a lot to show. 

Historical centers and remarkable places of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, unique societies of Siberia, marvelous landscapes of Karelia, Caucasus, Altai, and the Far East, and many more. Russia is the mix of a hundred cultures living together while preserving their features and specialties

No matter what you hope to find in Russia – it will give you all and even more.

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Finland: The Ultimate Mountain Skiing Resort

Finland is the country perfect for active resting admirers, though not many people think of it that way. Two mountain skiing resorts united in one facility – Ukkohalla and Paljakka are among the top places to visit in Finland. Also, there is the Yllas resort for those who feel skilled enough in skiing and those who wish to see the untouched snowy nature.

In case you prefer resting with a family, you definitely should consider visiting the resorts mentioned above. Both adult skiers and young beginning sports admirers will feel it interesting and exciting to see the local spaces covered with snow. Moreover, local cottages for tourists are mostly super-comfortable and great to restore energy after an active day.

India: Places of Power and Himalayan Mountains

One can speak of India for long, and new topics will appear again and again. This country is worth visiting when you want to see a whole another world. Indians are unique people. Their way of thinking is much different from that of Americans or Europeans. This is the reason for India to be so attractive to them. 

Some tourists like noisy cities that allow them getting lost in narrow and tight streets to observe the uncovered routine of the locals. Others come here to go in for spiritual practices and joining something far more than the material world everyone is used to see. 

But the main reason for India to enter this top 10 list is its magnificent nature and possibility to touch the mystery: Himalayan mountains, sacred places of Sikhs, Buddhists, and Hinduists. Also, one should visit the places of power in the same mountains: The Rishikesh, the Mecca of Yoga and Buddhism, and the Gomukh glacier where the sacred river of Ganges begins flowing. 

For those inspired with the Himalayan nature, visiting the Valley of Flowers is a must. It is especially cool to see the place in August or September when most plants here are in blossom. 

Greece: The Hot and Popular 

Who hasn’t been to Greece yet? They visit this country to enjoy the sea and sun, great weather, and perfect service in hotels. 

However, the beaches aren’t all Greece can offer. There are multiple opportunities to travel through this country’s landscapes on yachts. Why is it cool?

Well, at least it is great because you are not connected to a single place. You can see many towns and cities at once instead of being stuck in one location. Greek yachting is great to rest with friends or families. Both children and adults will find that trip exciting. Moreover, it does not require special preparation, and that is why the number of people preferring to rent yachts in Greece is increasing with every year.

Czech: The Bohemian Paradise 

The most people ever traveling through Europe had visited Czech for sure. Prague, Brno, and Karlovy Vary are the places one would be happy to describe and share impressions after a trip there. And every skilled tourist would say it is obligatory to visit Czech at least once. 

Now, try to imagine how interesting it would be to go to the places in Czech that are less popular among tourists. For instance, Bohemian Paradise or Czech Switzerland. 

Czech (Bohemian) Switzerland is filled with towers and villages having an incredibly rich history. The Bohemian Paradise rightfully belongs to the most marvelous places on the planet. 

Coming there, one feels like they moved to medieval times. Add the unique nature to it, and you’ll see that the Czech capital city is far from being the most interesting place this country has to offer. 

Italy: The Unbelievable Romanticism  

Italy speaks for itself all the time. People tend to visit it because of the spirit. They want to enjoy the most famous places of interest, to visit the romantic Venice, to pose for that photo in Pisa, etc. Very few know that Italy is great to rest actively, too. 

At first, active youth should pay attention to the Dolomites, both for autumn trekking and winter skiing. Also, one should not forget Venice. It is worth spending at least a day to see and feel all the pleasures, mysteries, and entertainments. The third peal of Italy is Tuscany with its wonderful landscapes and cities. This province’s hills are especially great in autumn!


One should start the journey from the Cinque Terre, visit the medieval town of San Gimignano which looks as if it is stuck in the 18th century. Then, there goes Siena with its famous square of Piazza Del Campo, the Chianti valley with its winemaking plantations, the Pisa with its well-known tower, and many more picturesque places.