SHEWIN Wholesale – Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers For Women

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The Clothing business has expanded rapidly over the past few years. With growing competition, we find almost identical clothes across various shops. In the constant battle of copying and trying to match the rival brands, everyone has lost the touch of uniqueness. 

When you are looking for new clothing suppliers, look beyond the price. Although prices of wholesale clothing from wholesalers vary from local to international markets, it is also important to decide whether or not your chosen clothing manufacturer is reliable and trustworthy. 

The following points are significant factors in judging your wholesale clothing vendor’s trust when buying goods that are produced by overseas manufacturers.

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  • Price

If you are looking for wholesale women’s clothing, I suggest purchasing at reasonable prices. This is because in a wholesale market, you will have a lot of choices and if nothing else stands out to you, an affordable price might save the day.

  •  Quality

No one wants to spend money and get cheap quality clothes in return. The durability matters a lot when in a saturated wholesale women’s clothing market. So make sure the vendor you choose offers affordable prices, with zero compromises on quality.

  • Delivery Time

If you’re getting clothes for an event coming soon, you need to make sure of the reliability of the wholesale clothing vendor. The shorter their delivery time is, the better their service is. Who doesn’t appreciate a quick delivery, even if they have to pay a little extra for it?

  • Location

The cost highly depends on the location of the suppliers. Shipping charges have a huge contribution to the overall costs of your clothes. The delivery time highly depends on the location too so if the clothing brand is in the same locality as you, things may be a bit more convenient. Returns and exchanges could be less of a hassle.

  • Styles

A make it or break it factor. It’s no secret that the product will be the first thing to catch your eye. Whichever wholesale clothing vendor stocks trendy wholesale clothing or unique styles would be our number 1 preference.

  • Other Product Offering 

When you start ordering from a store, you build loyalty with them. Wouldn’t you want a store that offers all the products you would ever want, be it jewelry, shoes, or sunglasses. Ordering from the same website is easier and the shipping costs will be the same too.

We have divided the top Wholesale Women Clothing vendors by region.

In this article, we have gathered some of our 9 top pick women wholesale clothing suppliers that will spice up your collection and popularity in the market. We have divided the brands according to the region.

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  • China
  • Shewin Wholesale

This trendy wholesale clothing brand is our absolute favorite. All the features we’ve mentioned above are in 1 bucket. Its website includes all types of Instagram styles and cuts, at the best prices. They offer free shipping on orders over $79 and many more deals.

The customer service is exceptional and your deliveries will arrive within 10 days. They even have an option of estimating your shipping costs so that you’re not deceived in any way.  Click to explore more on the most trendy and trustworthy shop out there.

  • Berry-go Official

Opened 6 years back in Ali-Express, this brand has mainly focussed on holiday clothing. Their main priority is top-notch quality and customer service. Their prices are surprisingly affordable for great quality items. With a 96.7% rating, they’ve won thousands of hearts. 

  • Chic-Ever

You’ll find all your favorite designer collection copies here. This wholesale women vendor never fails to fulfill international women’s clothing standards but of course, without ripping your pockets apart!

  • USA


Our top pick from the USA would be Stylepick. With their beautifully designed website, you have access to a mix of trendy women’s wholesale clothes, along with an accessible site. Their delivery services include special delivery requests as well. 

A very interesting thing they do is get their collection from various outlets like Day & Night, Hers & Mine, Spotlight, and many more. This creates a broad range in their shop. We can bet anyone and everyone will love this trendy wholesale clothing brand.   

  1. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel offers wholesale womens’ clothing at up to 50-80% below the regular wholesale price. Their trendy wholesale clothing collection includes juniors clothing, petite clothing, plus size clothing, big & tall clothing, baby clothes, toddler clothes, and much more! 

  1. LAShowroom

This website features thousands of hand-picked apparel and accessory products from reputable vendors, allowing buyers to view and purchase the product directly from the vendor site without having to leave their current shopping experience. This added convenience creates a unique shopping experience for buyers searching for a wide selection of top brands. 

  1. Uk
  • Stylewise

Stylewise offers people in the fashion industry an exclusive source of fashionable clothes in the UK. The company never compromises in quality to bring in more customers by offering shoddy lines to the fashion-minded. They always strive to offer the best designs and styles to surpass well-known celebrities and fashion icons globally. They also have a very competitive price range.

  • Naana Wholesale

     Naana Wholesale has been in business for a long time. They aim at providing the finest latest trendiest clothes to their customers. They make sure that they can provide them with an everlasting collection of ladies’ dresses which always tend to be high in demand because of their ideal fit, color, texture, and price.

  • Europa Fashion

Europa fashion puts its philosophy “fashion is for everyone” into practice. They present a unique style with a variety of distinct designs. Europa’s mission is to change people’s perception of elegance and beauty by providing a vast array of fashionable apparel that is second-to-none in quality. 

Final Words

We have presented you what we want in wholesale women’s clothing brand and summed it up by regions. This will guide you to select your preferred shop according to the features mentioned. We would just advise you to keep the Regions in mind as they will play a significant factor in every aspect.