10 Tips by Frank Roach Dentist to Look After your Teeth

Rohan Mathew

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Good dental hygiene and timely visits to your dentist can help you to maintain healthy and strong teeth. With the right care, you will make your teeth stay healthy and strong throughout your life. If you want proper oral hygiene, you will have less risk of tooth decay & another gum disease. Let us check out the top 10 tips shared by Frank Roach dentist to have healthy and strong teeth.

  • Use Right Brushing Techniques 

The way we brush our teeth plays a very important role and in case you do not follow the right technique, it can be very harmful to your teeth. Make sure you brush gently and in circular motions at a 45-degree angle and your brushing process must not last more than 3 to 4 minutes or it is possible you can damage the enamel. 

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  • Take Care of the Toothbrush

For healthy and strong teeth, you must take proper care of the toothbrush. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly after brushing. And, in the upright position, ensure you store in open. Getting a good flow of air around your toothbrush bristles can help to keep your toothbrush dry. The microorganisms that generally grow on the toothbrush mostly thrive in a moist environment. Watch for the frayed and worn bristles. 

  • Replace Your Toothbrush 

There are many people who forget to replace their toothbrushes often. You must use the new brush after every two to three months. Suppose your toothbrush looks worn, make sure you replace it at the earliest. And worn or old toothbrush does not clean the teeth effectively & increases your risk for dental issues like tooth decay.

  • Floss Every Day 

Flossing will remove bacteria and plaque from between your teeth, where the toothbrush cannot reach. It will help to prevent bad breath just by removing the food and debris that get trapped between your teeth. Do not snap the floss up & down between your teeth that may cause pain and won’t remove plaque rightly.

  • Tongue Brushing

Do not forget to brush your tongue as it helps to fight the germs and bacteria residing in your mouth. It is important to know tongue brushing isn’t just essential in keeping your teeth in good health but also helps you breathe fresh and clean. Use a toothbrush that has cheek & tongue cleaner, so you may easily remove the bacteria whenever you brush.

  • Using Mouthwash Regularly 

Just like flossing, many people are not much keen on using mouthwash. The reason many people do not know how it works. Regular mouthwash gives you fresh breath and reduces the acid amount present in the mouth that will reduce teeth damage that is caused by these acids. Besides, it adds minerals to your teeth and when used regularly, it cleans your tongue, teeth, and oral cavity systematically.

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  • Use Fluoride

Many people think fluoride is only for the kids, but that is not true. The natural mineral improves your tooth enamel, and fight out cavities. You will get fluoride from the toothpaste, mouth rinses, and other treatments that your dental expert might offer. You can ask your dentist regarding the right kind of fluoride treatments suitable for your teeth.

  • Stay Hydrated

We all are aware of several health benefits of drinking water, it’s normally recommended for an adult to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. Water is an important constituent of your saliva that helps to fights bacteria and helps to neutralize acid, which causes tooth decay as well as cleaners excess food particles & bacteria.

  • Reduce Intake of Acidic Drinks 

It is important to reduce your intake of acidic drinks such as cordials, soft drinks, and fruit juices. The food acids reduce tooth material & dissolve these minerals in the tooth enamel, and it results in holes also known as cavities. 

  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentist will diagnose & treat any oral health problems before it gets severe. The experts suggest that people must visit their dentist every six months for a routine checkup. During the routine examination, your dentist will clean your teeth & remove hardened tartar and plaque.

Final Words 

These are the top tips that you must know and look after your teeth, you must put more focus on the way you do brushing and other activities like flossing. Give more time to brushing and flossing.