Why Do You Need To Look Up For ACCA Course?

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Why Do You Need To Look Up For ACCA Course

The ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a leading body of accountancy. And to be a member of this body, students are required to pass multiple exams. The ACCA is a qualification acknowledged all over the world and many countries treat ACCA as an equivalent to local studies of accountancy. ACCA covers wide range of business management, covering the technical aspects as well the theoretical aspects of financial management of businesses. It is a qualification of great prestige and there are several reasons to consider doing an ACCA. 

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  1. Flexibility

The ACCA qualification comes with a lot of flexibility such as study options as well as entry requirements. As the study options are greatly flexible, the students can better manage their time between work and studies. The exams of ACCA are held twice a year, in the months of July and December and there is no minimum number of exams that need to be attempted. However, one can write a maximum of 4 exams in a single attempt. The ACCA also gives students the freedom to complete the qualification in 10 years time from the date of registration. The body holds examination sessions every quarter and some of these exams can be taken on-demand which provides enormous flexibility to make progress at one’s one pace. The flexibility of ACCA exams also gives students the opportunity to specialise in a particular area. 

  1. Worldwide Recognition

ACCA is one qualification which is standard and recognised all over the world. It has gained such superior recognition by building relations with overseas accounting firms, educational institutes, MNCs, governments as well as organisations like the World Bank, United Nations etc. This qualification therefore allows a candidate the liberty to work from anywhere in the world. 

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  1. Continued professional growth

Members of the ACCA are required to take professional development seriously and continuously throughout their career. This protocol ensures that the skills and the knowledge of the students remain updated. This also ensures that the graduates can work and adapt themselves in rapidly evolving work environments and volatility. 

  1. Partnerships

The accounting body has made partnerships with employers located in every part of the world. More than 8500 employers are approved by the ACCA for offering job opportunities to students and members. The ACCA collaborates with such employers in order to increase the career prospects of the members and give them excellent chances in their career. ACCA professionals are in high demand in almost all work profiles and countries. 

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