10 Tips To Find The Right Architecture Workshop In India

Rohan Mathew





Gone are the days when a specific area of profession arrested the curiosity of just the people involved in that subject of studies. With the advent of technology and thus, social media, information flows at lightning speed and whatever strikes one’s curiosity, one is free to read up and explore on it. This is mainly true of art and its various branches of studies, one of which is Architecture.

Architecture, however, is the skilful blend of art and science together. The popular Nietzschean quote “Madness has a method to it” fits dramatically into this understanding of architecture. It is a powerful confluence of technical details to inspire functionality and stupendous aesthetics.

The ambitious “100 smart cities” project in India foresees a great demand for architecture jobs and promises complete job security. The prowess of technology and its integration in architecture is birthing new visions and attempts at expanding the socio-economic trajectories. Therefore, with this rising demand, architecture workshops in India are now available for students as well as practitioners to grasp the new and shifting modules of learning in the field of architecture.

BUT the challenge is how do you find the right architecture workshops in India in this overflow of information in a digital age such as ours? To help you develop some insights, we have gathered TEN TIPS TO FIND THE RIGHT ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOPS IN INDIA that will help you navigate this territory with some ease. So, here they are:

  • Rhino & Grasshopper

A workshop that helps you learn the tools of the future such as Rhino and Grasshopper can be said to be the best architecture workshop as it prepares you to understand the importance of visual-thinking and applications in architecture. Rhino 3D is an immaculate software for architecture modelling as it deals with architectural complexities. And Grasshopper software deals with the limitations in terms of usability and function of Rhino.

  • Sustainable Architecture

The growing increase in technological advancements have also brought to light how it is becoming so crucial to take responsibility for the planet and encourage sustainable architecture. The architect of the future cannot walk into it without the understanding and knowledge required to tackle the limitations of the future. Therefore, the best architectural workshop is the one that helps you ground your vision in the present reality of things to scale greater expansions in the future.

  • Parametric Architecture

Parametric design in architecture is contextual, adaptable, and heterogenous which is fundamentally different from the “classical” modernist architectural education. It is a new way of looking at things that help students to explore a paradigm shift. Visual coding tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper make students more adaptive and a top architecture workshop exposes students to such in-depth learning and experiences.

  • Urban Analysis

Urban Analysis addresses the challenges faced by cities worldwide which include transportation, housing, land use, demographics, health care accessibility, urban planning, and development. The way to define a workshop as the best architectural workshop also depends on its course material that covers important topics such as Urban Analysis that helps architecture students measure the current standards to come up with profound architectural alternatives focused at problem-solving through new tools in design technology.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

“Through automation, we are able to save time doing repetitive tasks and we can reinvest that time in design.”, says Mike Mendelson, Instructor and curriculum designer at Nvidia Deep Learning Institute, for ‘Interesting Engineering’, an online portal. Knowing how to allow AI’s access to act as an ally for collective progress of our planet shows unlimited potential for the future and thus, becomes an important aspect in Architecture.

  • Coding and Machine Learning

In the field of design, machine learning has enabled creatives to find more time for creativity while computers handle data-based tasks. This means progress implies challenging the traditional ways of designing in architecture. Many workshops in India such as Parametrized and AI Urbanised conducted by Equim Pvt. Ltd. is taking this direction towards mapping the course of the future in architecture and design-thinking.

  • Concept and Form Finding

In the form finding process, the architect observes the patterns in nature to mentally map out the vision of a structure they would want to design. This study helps develop the capability to tap into optimum form and dynamic adaptability. The result is a flow of form emerging out of developed natural forms.

  • Fusing Parametricism with Vernacular Architecture

Taking methods of Antoni Gaudi’s & Frei Otto’s Form Finding a notch ahead through Simulation in Computational Design, Equim Designs shaped the project ‘Kridha Greens Resort’ for the client Kridha Greens. Applying such fundamental lessons on fusing parametricism with vernacular architecture, Equim conducts workshops such as Parametrized and AI Urbanised to redefine the changing landscapes of architecture in terms of sustainability and innovation.

  • Community and Collaboration

For architecture students to gain from workshops, it is vital that the workshops be interactive and help develop group-work fusing the different ways of thinking based on learning by the different students participating in a workshop. This enables exposure to learning methodologies and leads to new ways of thinking and seeing in architecture. This also allows for students to master confidence in their own ways of building a vision for the future.

  • Short powerpack workshops vs long workshops

A short powerpack workshop has a precise course curriculum designed to sustain the interest of students in learning while making it interactive and in-depth simultaneously keeping in mind the attention-deficit age we belong to. Such a coursework influences grit and competition in students to stay hooked to the framework and receive the best out of the workshop which nurtures learning in a fun and unconventional way as well as allow them for doubt-clearing sessions with the mentors.

If you want to develop your knowledge in architecture and use it as a tool for your future prospects, do not think twice before applying to short powerpack architecture workshops in India if they consist of the above-mentioned topics of study and participation.