13 Ways to Easily Increase Instagram Likes in 2020

Rohan Mathew

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Instagram is taking the lead among other competitors, as you can leverage its higher engagement to market your product. Despite its overwhelming competition, you can still publicize your brand on a massive scale.

Instagram Likes is the most meaningful currency which can assist your business to take-off.

I’ve enlisted some of the best ways, which actually. Unlike other posts that are beyond practical, we’ve only jotted down only doable ways.

1.   Buy Instagram Likes

Undoubtedly, the way which is being largely used by Influencers and marketers is using IG service provider. Even though celebrities also tend to buy Instagram likes to get ranked higher in search engines. Instagram authority uses a particular factor to determine your worth. Algorithm metrics is undoubtedly the number one preference for Instagram.

Almost every crazy UK Instagram user Looking for the best site to buy Instagram Likes UK. Because this service is taking the lead in the market, and proffering budget-friendly has become its unique identity. Tag influential accounts

Want to grow your brand and spread the words quickly? Now, this is the time to leverage from influential figures across the Instagram ground. You can conveniently thrive in the digital landscape by influencer’s assistance. Simply, enlisted the famous, well-liked influencers relevant to your product or niche. Then, tag them into your posts time by time. Are you thinking how can by tagging influential account would be fruitful for you? There is a possibility that your message gets featured on their newsfeed. And when this happens, incredible traffic will come to your posts.

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2.   Schedule at best times

You may have observed during certain times; your posts get more engagement. By experimentation, you can figure out the optimal time for posting. Following this practice will result in getting you to maximize engagement.

3.   Tag a location

Are you using tag locations in your posts? One of the simplest yet valuable ways that can gather more audience at your content. In fact, when you have tagged place, then it can help to reach your message to people, available in that location. Instead of mentioning a specific restaurant, simply tag the city within your posts. It will get your message in front of a broad audience and consequently increased engagement ratio.

4.   Use hashtags in your Stories and bio, too

Hashtags  not only meant to be used in posts and getting your message in front of a broad audience. But you can take your Instagram hashtags strategy to the next level since stories are now considered as hottest and included in the widely used feature. Therefore, adding the right hashtags would be even more beneficial. Amazingly, more than 500 Million people use Story feature regularly. This considerable traffic attracts the marketers and business owners to prioritize it into your strategy. You have the opportunity to get even more from Stories by using hashtags.

Similar to the Instagram story, the significance of the bio section is no less. When it comes to taking full advantage of it, for your digital marketing campaign, then, using relevant and famous hashtags would be a more advanced way that can boost your engagement.

5.   Share behind-the-scenes photos

firstly, you need to minimize the distance between your followers. Being the business owner or Model, you should create a regular and loyal fan-base. For this, you ought to develop business relations based on trust and within a friendly environment. Presently, you cannot sell your products if your content strategy only consists of a promotional message. It is advised by influencers to share your behind-the-scenes photos. Originally, this will help you to build more trustability factor into your brand. And when your business is well-liked and strengthens in terms of fame, then, definitely, you will witness noticeable results. Not only drive into your sales but also get more Instagram Likes too.

6.   Get on IGTV

IGTV is the feature; the majority of the users are sleeping on. But in fact, being the struggling Instagrammers, you can take its full advantage as the competition is comparatively lower. You will be amazed to read that since its launch, it witnessed a 300% increase in their IGTV views. Most importantly, Instagram also allows you to share it on users’ feeds and profiles. This will further push the count of your engaging audience. And at the end of the day, you will be pleased when you will see an increased number of people engaging with your content.

7.   Use Instagram Ads for Maximum Reach

Spending on paid tactics for maximum reach would not be difficult for developed businesses. On the other hand, we understand that while running the startup businesses, you may not have enough revenue to spend. But believe me, spending $5 to $10 per day for promotion can be worth a weight for your money.

This is how Instagram ads can drive more audience to your content. After paying for ads, you only need to make your message worth-watching that attracts the audience. By doing this, you don’t need to invest more energy and time.

8.   Write better and interesting captions

Admittedly, posts with better and exciting captions are more likely to get much attention. But this doesn’t mean to write lengthy captions, which will make the readers exhausted. A wise selection of words in a concise manner but with an exciting factor will surely perform well.

NatGeo is currently having 138M followers and consider as highly engaging channel across Instagram. One of the main techniques they are employing and driving more traffic at their content is Story Telling. They simply post a picture of nature or wild animals. And they describe in such an outstanding way that people love to read stories. This hack has helped them to rise to newer heights.

9.   Post user-generated content

This is one of the advance hacks that will definitely work. The majority of people may be unfamiliar with this term. So firstly, you should comprehend this concept, and it will be followed by how to make use of it.

Let’s assume you are either marketers or business owners of any T-Shirt brand. Sharing pictures of people wearing your product at your posts would be user-generate content. Instead of giving heart react or commenting on someone’s photo, which not as effective as it is. You can also repost your consumers content. This will create the sense that your product or business gives individual attention and having highly attentive customer care. When your potential customers are getting special treatment, then you would be their first priority. Besides this, it will also inspire others that you are suitable enough to have trust on.

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10.              Comment on popular photos

While struggling to get more exposure at your account, you can take advantage of trending topics. Commenting on popular posts is another way to find a newer audience. Most importantly, people you have discovered by commenting at popular posts would be way more engaging as compared to others. Many beginners also start promoting their brand in the comment section too.

11.              Ask a question

You have understood how much engagement is necessary for you. This is the ultimate hack to turbo-charge the number of engaging audiences. Asking questions either in the comment section or during the live stream will help you to communicate with a broad audience. Similar to it, when YouTubers ask specific questions from the viewers. This is a way to compel them to spend much time on your content. Instagram has a similar importance in this regard. Furthermore, with higher engagement ratio, plus the more engaging content, will translate into help you to get more Instagram Likes.

12.              Instagram Live

Similar to going live on Facebook or YouTube, Instagram also allows you to get live. The super-engaging way is here for you. Some people may feel shy about getting in front of the audience during live sessions. But you need to understand when you can communicate directly with people, and then it will win their trust. Maybe, people are facing hassle regarding purchasing your product or having some sorts of queries. Therefore, going live will help you reply to all of the questions and can describe more about your product.

Furthermore, to keep them engage, you should host a Q&A. To sustain their interest, you can offer a discount or prize. Surely, if you ever watch a live stream of any brand, you’ve observed that they are frequently proffering you giveaways.

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The Key Takeaways

Although each of these ways has its significance, still if I figure out the most efficient way that provides a guarantee of giving instant results, then, definitely, it would be real Instagram Likes services proffered by several sites and Buy Instagram Followers 365 is one of them. These guys are in business since years and they are one of the prominent best places to get Instagram service.

I’d like to end this article by asking you which one of these ways you are thinking of using for your marketing strategy. I’d suggest you utilize it as much as you can. But be assured that you are employing it in the right way and wisely. Otherwise, if you go in many ways but still couldn’t you get any noticeable results. Then, inevitably, none of this way is being used effectively by you.