2021’s Best Selling Digital Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Rohan Mathew

Everyone is aware that today’s globalized world needs an effective marketing strategy to conquer and prosper. From young boys hawking newspapers, pamphlets on gruesome crime reporting scenes being circulated to the tall tales that made our childhood an adventurous journey, marketing have consistently made a difference between the winning bets and histories long forgotten. From the unicorns reshaping the business world and failed ventures, marketing has played a significant role in determining the fate of an idea that may or may not turn into reality. 

However, the face of marketing has also changed with time. Apart from being a knowledgeable arena of your customers, their concerns, and marketing engagement, it is more about showing yourself online while calling to the vast majority of the population, which is what digital marketing entails. 

Since the world is adopting more digital channels and becoming an online marketing hub, let us explore 10 templates that will make our 2021, a momentous year! 

Template 1 

Is taking your business online your biggest concern? Then grab this 2021 fit marketing plan template. It confirms to the needs and aspirations of every marketer, looking for an adaptable template. Being a complete deck, this template is very intuitively designed. Thus giving your business a competitive edge

Online Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Sometimes outsourcing your online marketing tasks is the best business decision you can make. This template is a powerful adaptation of a good online marketing proposal. It works well for every online marketing agency, looking to grab some new opportunities, with a modern and impressive design. With vivid visuals, charts, icons, images, etc, this template is an absolute steal. Therefore, spread the word and get a hold of more clients, by downloading this marketing proposal template.

Online Marketing Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3 

Having a marketing advisor by your side can benefit any business, irrespective of its size and type of operations. This proposal template is designed for such agencies, who are looking for a guide to follow and take their business a notch higher. Presented in a proposal format, with all the key fundamentals, this template is a great pick to bag new clients. You can share these slides for marketing presentation with your target clients to grab their attention, thereafter the deal! 

Online Marketing Advisory Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4 

Scale up your B2B online marketing efforts with this meticulously-crafted template. This is a marketing complete deck, with 64 slides, that can be adapted to per your needs. 

B2B Online Marketing Powerpoint Presentation

Template 5

Since having a robust online marketing presence is the biggest benefactor for any business, we have designed this modern yet elegant template. Designed using the best tools available in PowerPoint, this template suits every vertical. Therefore, get a hold of this well-crafted design now! 

Online Marketing Business PowerPoint Presentation

Template 6

This is another template that will help you build a solid online presence. Thanks to its adaptable design and elements, this complete deck will work well for every marketer, marketing agency, or even organization for that matter. 

Digital Marketing Techniques Powerpoint Presentation

Template 7

With 2020 behind us, let’s enter 2021 with a bang. This is a modern template that you can use to carry out online marketing tasks with utmost efficiency. Therefore, excel in whatever product you advertise with this complete deck. 

Market Intelligence Resources Marketing Business Framework

Template 8

Scale up your digital marketing campaigns with this single slide. It works as a great introduction slide that you can use to promote yourself and your business. 

Digital Marketing Technology

Template 9

Every business has its own online marketing strategy that needs an introduction. This single slide template helps in strategizing your online marketing efforts and sharing them with your team, to help them function better. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

Template 10

SEO is critical to building a strong online presence and this template helps you in this endeavor. It helps highlight and explain the process as well as key fundamentals of digital marketing, thus being a powerful optimization tool. 

Online Marketing Process

In the end, online marketing is a good source for promoting your brand and connecting with a bigger network of audiences at the right time and the right place. These 10 modern and 2021 appropriate templates allow us to feel inspired and every inch of an expert: helping us to produce sleek and persuasive presentations that we are proud of!