3 Free Pixel Art Games You Can Download On Your Smartphone Today

Berry Mathew

3 Free Pixel Art Games You Can Download On Your Smartphone Today

There are plenty of games you can download on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy in the comfort of your home. A great example is the Pixel art games. These games are considered retro games. But these games have made a huge comeback because, as many gamers would agree, it is a matter of nostalgia. What attracts many people to these games include simplicity, minimalism, and lightness, which is very attractive.  

Thanks to the development of technology in the gaming industry, a few game developers have created pixilated masterpieces for PC and Android. Quite a number of art games have been released for iOS and Android over recent years. 

If you are looking for a perfect pixel art game that can keep you entertained and give you an excellent gaming experience, you are in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top three free pixel art games you can download. You can download one or all of them. You won’t lose a thing because, after all, they are free to install.

 Let’s delve into them.

Nimble Quest is one of the top pixel art games you can download. The classic role-playing game [PRG] elements incorporated into it makes it offer interesting gameplay. The game is Snake on steroids. In place of a food-munching reptilian, there is a party of heroes. The main hero is the snake’s head, and secondary heroes from its segments.

Each hero launches a specific attack if an enemy comes within its field of view. Knits engage in wrestles, archers arrow bomb monsters, and the mages unleash spells to destroy bats, zombies, and many monsters in the arena. The game ends if the snake [the main hero] is killed. So when playing this game, be ready to save your party from enemy attacks and traps. 

You will advance to the next level soon after the enemies are all defeated. As you advance to the next levels, you will realize that they are harder than the previous levels. There will be various environments, such as forests, graveyards, and castles. As you snake around, you will come across power-ups that often appear, they will give increase your party members’ attack rate or give them a mini boost. 

  • 7 Years From Now

This is also another top-rated pixel art game that is a must-have. It is a story-based game with RPG elements. 7 Years from Now is not the perfect game for you if you are looking for an action game. There is no combat, and this game feels more like a visual novel. However, it has a number of interesting animated characters. If you are an emotional person, this game will surely leave you in tears when you finish it. 

The storyline goes like this- it’s about Haruto Soraki, who has amnesia. He can’t remember anything from his past. However, in his dream, he keeps seeing a girl. So he visits his hometown to see if he can find a solution to his persistent dreams, but his misty memory bars him from finding any answer. You as the player, will have to help him find the girl who is continuously in his dreams as well as all the missing pieces of his memory. 

While 7 Years from Now isn’t that long, the story has numerous twists and turns, which make it more interesting. But the plot twist at the end will leave you sad and shocked. The game has amazing graphics. What’s more, it is free to play. If you love sad stories, 7 Years from Now is a must-have.

  • The Sandbox

This pixel art game allows you to play the creator. You can either create a world or combine elements with breathing life into it. And if you want, you can destroy it. The Sandbox is an 8-bit canvas that provides the ultimate sandbox experience. What’s more, this game has a multiplayer mode where you can upload your creations and let other players grow them or destroy them. 

A sequence of story missions provides tasks to be done using the elements the player has unlocked in the sandbox mode. One of the things that make this game more appealing is the fact that is free to play. If you like games such as Minecraft and Doodle God, the Sandbox is a must-try game for you. This game will definitely give you an excellent gaming experience.